20: No Forgivness in hell

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Chapter 20. ”Do you know anybody who have Chile brown” i asked Dozie on the phone. Chile brown was a strong brownish Cocaine. It usually came on powdered form. It was one of the best raw cocaine in the market. … Continued

21: Ify, My Emergency wife

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Chapter 21. ”Do you know his name” Dozie had asked. He was asking of Mr Segun Adewale who had mysteriously disappeared with our drugs. According to the discussion, my own stuff was 300 grams while Dozie had contributed 250 grams. … Continued

22: The useless Embassies

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Chapter 22. Life went on as usual. There was really nothing productive being done by the blacks to help the society we lived. It wasn’t our fault since the system alienated us. Since i had taken to writing articles in … Continued

23: The noisy visitors

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Chapter 23. It was true that things were difficult back in Nigeria. The government was headed by criminals who should have been locked up in prisons. Every government agency was crippled with corruption. The problem lied with the central government … Continued

24: Where is Chidi?

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Chapter 24. Where is Chidi? In life, we were all victims of circumstances. We possessed the powers, strength and wisdom to control some circumstances but some were out of control for us. The above natural phenomen described what happened when … Continued

25: Meet Carlos

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Chapter 25: Meet Carlos. ”Excuse me Sir, can i see your passport” the voice had said. The two Plain cops we had seen at the park was standing right behind us. I raised my eyebrows in a manner that suggested … Continued

26: I am a celebrity

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Chapter 26: The Comedian. As soon as the Colombian thugs left, i started making calls. I told a few people that i knew someone who had good stuff. I told only two people that it was me who own the … Continued

27: The Thieves

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Chapter 27: Thieves. A kilo of Cocaine was €27000. It was true that i had saved some money but it wasn’t up to €27000. Carlos and his mobs expected me to pay them their money. The biggest problem was that … Continued

28: Give me my money

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Chapter 28: The Recovery. ”Wait Carlos, this is how we are going to do this. If all of us go to his house, we may not be able to get in” i said. They sat down again and listened to … Continued

29: That is my Money

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Chapter 29: That is my Money. ”Hello baby, i thought you said you were going to Amsterdamse poort, what are you doing here?” i said as soon as Ify stepped into the house. She was confused initially or atleast she … Continued