10: First deal

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Chapter 10: The first deal. One day, i heard a rumour that some group were moving some drugs to Vienna Austria. I inquired and found them. After negotiations, they told me how much i would pay for the transportation. I … Continued

11: No need to pray

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Chapter 11: I saved up some money and bought some more drugs. Mike had planned to send some drugs to Germany. For some reasons, i decided to add some things of my own. We had purchased and prepared the goods … Continued

12: The Agony

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Chapter 12: The Agony. Two days after the Hamburg bad news broke, Mike had not yet been able to get the mysterious Patrick on the phone. Obviously, Mr Patrick had switched off his phone. Three possibilities were involved on the … Continued

13: The Plan

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Chapter 13. ”Hello guy” I said on the phone. It was Junior calling as planned. I had switched my phone on Speakout and left it on the center table since i was holding the playstation pads with both hands. That … Continued

14: I will rule Forever

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Chapter 14. I had gone to Robin and told him that our target was willing to start with €6000. He said it wasn’t big but was atleast something. Junior would get €500, Robin would get €500 and the fake bird … Continued

15: The same old story

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Chapter 15: The same story. Mike returned around 11am and went straight to the kitchen. After making some meals and eating his share, he asked me if i called our carrier bird. I pretentiously looked at the time on my … Continued

16: No way out

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Chapter 16: Robin Lived not far from Gein. The entire Bijlmer could be rounded up by foot within an hour. Mike and I had walked from Gein until we got to the area where Robin lived. He lived in a … Continued

17: Level by level.

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Chapter 17: Level by Level. There were different types of how we lived in Amsterdam. It all depended on how much money you have. Level 1: Those who rented three bed room duplex. This type of house has three rooms … Continued

19: People of Amsterdam

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Chapter 19. ”Tell me, when did you and Chidi get married”? i asked after the first round of Kisses. She said nothing. She just lowered her lips again and started kissing away. Right there under Ify, i remembered the Biblical … Continued