33: The Return to Holland

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We succeeded in getting into Belgium without Control. A lot of drama happened while in the train; Madam Model called UC. She wanted to know why UC insulted whoever called and asked why she was not yet back home. It … Continued

35: My Uncle and his Journey

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“What? Why didn’t anybody tell me about this? I even talked with John three days ago” I said. “They said his wife poisoned him but nobody knows the truth. It was the Enugu Traders Union that brought his corpse back … Continued

36: Inter-Racial Unions

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“Do you have any contact with this your Sister in Lagos?” I asked. “I don’t but i can get it from my mother if i call her” she said. “You will call her soon enough” I said. I needed to … Continued

37: The Eye Operation

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“There is blood inside your Cornea. We will attempt to remove them but all of them cannot be removed. If we attempt to clean all of them, you run the risk of not being able to see with the left … Continued

38: Where I came From

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“Mama, there is somebody i will send down to Enugu very soon. I want her to go back to school. That money John gave you is for her school fees. I will make the arrangements here and tell you how … Continued

39: Ready to Go Home

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The following morning, Uche and I took the train to the coastal city of Den Hague (The Hague). This powerful small city is the administrative seat of the Benelux, housing the Embassies of the World. The Embassy of Nigeria was … Continued