95: The Hurting Tears

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“I am going with you to Amsterdamsport, i haven’t left this house since i came here” Maria said. “It is OK, tell Precious to get ready too” I said. Since it was summer, we decided to trek to the Amsterdamsport. … Continued

99: A Soldier’s Ideologies.

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“Reverend, I studied Street Life in Brandenburg an Der Havel and Berlin Germany I also practiced Street Life in Lagos, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Holland here, France, Portugal and most recently Italy. I would have made a professor if my course … Continued

100: Apartment 202

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It was a sunny Monday morning. The sun came out early and brightened the Bijlmer area. There was a kind of holiday in Holland because the few whites who lived in Bijlmer scrambled to go to the beach to catch … Continued