40: My Life Before Now

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Since Zuby said he was going to Lulea asylum camp the following day, I decided to follow him to the Western Union. I didn’t want to go out due to Aunt Joy’s presence in Sweden, I could run into her … Continued

42: Living on the Edge

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Blessing and I drove from the airport back to our new apartment in Stockholm. It was obvious she was confused because she asked one silly question after another. I wished that Zuby was there to answer them, he seemed to … Continued

43: No Time To Rest

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“I think we don’t have to share this money or send it to Nigeria. We need to start keeping money around because we may be required to leave Stockholm on emergency,” Zuby said. He was referring to the 9000 Euros … Continued

46: No hold on my Life

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I didn’t step outside until he called and said he was in Lulea. He warned me not to go out anyway. It was a new apartment. There was no TV or anything to keep me occupied. I didn’t like reading … Continued

47: No More Traveling

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The first things we moved to the old apartment were our surplus items and cooking pots. We also moved some other small household items during our first trip to the new apartment. On our way back, we decided to eat … Continued