31: Hard To Catch

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We took a cab back to our apartment. All through the short drive, tears dropped from my eyes. I felt for Zuby because the fight he was fighting was justifiable. He was not supposed to be captured, he was doing … Continued

34: My Life According To Me

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“Joy, I am sure by now you know Angel is here” Zuby started. The phone was on speak out. Everyone including Rose was sitting quietly while allowing the master to do the talking. Aunty Joy had started wailing and asking … Continued

37: Visit Of The Enemy

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The next thing we did was to take Angel to the Rev Father. Since Nigerians were too religious despite their numerous sins, Zuby believed that the Catholic Rev. Father effect would work wonders on Angel. It had worked wonders on … Continued

38: The Confused Woman

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I ignored Aunty Joy’s second call the same way i ignored the first one. Despite that he told me what to say if Aunty Joy called, i still needed to talk to Zuby again before saying anything to Aunty Joy. … Continued