20: Simultaneous Operations

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20. Simultaneous Operations. Early in the morning of the next day, Zuby took the girls out of the apartment to the train station where they bought tickets to Lulea. Before he left, he gave me instructions to call Aunt Adesuwa … Continued

21: The Influx Of Funds

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Dr 21. The influx of funds. The next morning, the operations kicked off properly. Zuby went outside and bought two new phones and sim cards. He said one was for Aunty Adesuwa while the other one was for Aunty Joy. … Continued

22: Only If She Knew

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22. Only If she knew. “I am going to France this morning” Zuby said. The news was too sudden and unexpected. I had a feeling that he would disappear from the eye of the storm but i thought he would … Continued

24: The Urgent Vacation

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Aunty Adesuwa didn’t leave Sweden as she promised. She had suddenly decided to wait until the next day. I was careful not to ask her what her major reason was since i didn’t want her to suspect anything. I was … Continued

25: Men Were Still Men

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“Lilian, i am in a big tro…” Alice interrupted me, “Please stop calling me Lilian. That name reminds me of all the bad things i did with my body.” “Sorry Alice, i understand. I am in a big trouble. My … Continued

26: Licence To Roam

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26. License to Roam. It didn’t take much time before the first gentleman showed up. He was white and tall, a Swedish to the core. “Hello lady, you seem to be alone here” he said. I nodded and sipped my … Continued

27: Cheating On Myself

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27. Cheating on Myself. Our romance lasted for over 15 minutes and when i couldnt take it no more, i ordered Eric inside the room to get his condom. Like a lightening, he returned within 10 seconds. He already tore … Continued