10: Reunification Of Enemies

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“We are going to start removing teenage girls from the streets together. You know many Madams in Italy. You will be getting their phone numbers while i do the travels. You will stay here and coordinate the rescued girls. Their … Continued

11: I Can’t Marry You

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“When was the last time you had sex?” He asked. “I don’t know, women don’t answer such questions” I said. “What about you, did you sleep with those girls you took away?” I asked. “Never, i don’t work like that. … Continued

12: Time For The Game

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When it was time to start contacting the Madams down in Italy, i refused to call Madam Tessy. When Zuby asked why, i lied to him that Madam Tessy was part of the people that brought me to Europe. I … Continued

14: And Precious Arrived

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Precious came to Sweden that evening; it wasn’t Precious my friend, it was Precious from Aunty Adesuwa. Zuby and I waited for her at the Arlanda airport but when it became clear that there was trouble, he said we should … Continued

15: Programmed By The Gods

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The following day, we took Precious to Rev. Father Onuigbo. After praying for her, he advised her to accept Jesus Christ and stop violating her body. He advice Precious to go to camp to acquire legal status first before looking … Continued

16: Wanted By All Means

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Zuby and I eventually made up. He warned me not to suspect him over girls. First of all, he made me understand that he wasn’t my husband yet and that he reserved the right to go after any woman he … Continued

18: The Stubborn Fly

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The last haven’t been heard from Sharon yet, she was as sturbon as anyone could be. Despite every thing we did to make her return into the apartment, she still behaved as if she was better than everyone else. The … Continued

19: What Women Wanted

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Peace went ahead to tell us how they came to Europe. According to her, Aunty Joy had returned to Nigeria and was hosting a party near the neighborhood. A few young girls were organised to help share the foods and … Continued