90: When A Woman Is Fed Up

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  “You seem to have planned this San Marino relocation long time ago. Where are you going to stay until you rent your own apartment?” Zuby asked as I finished packing my bag and ready to go. “A friend of … Continued

91: The Hostile Reception

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  San Marino was one of the most complicated countries I have ever known. As small as they were both in land mass and population, they seemed to be holding the mighty Roman government hostage. They claimed not to be … Continued

95: 200 Euros For A Night

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  “Why are you telling me this?” Zuby asked on the phone. I wanted to tell him that it was because I still loved him but I knew such statement would trigger another round of ‘Please return to me’ which … Continued

97: The end of the Road

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  A girl was talking on the background, I heard her voice clearly. It meant that he was keeping a girl in his apartment; our apartment. “I thought you said you are at home now,” I asked. He had finally … Continued