Cameroun kills over 102 Boko Haram terrorists

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With the continuous growth of concern surrounding the Boko Haram attacks of Northern Nigeria making headlines, the Nigerian government has gone publicly to state that it’s neighboring nation Cameroon, has failed to assist in stopping the violent rampages. However, due to Boko Haram allegedly fleeing and taking residence in neighboring countries like Congo, Chad, Cameroon etc, Cameroon has taken lead and gone on the defensive.
When President Paul Biya ordered 1,000 military officers to the Northern borders of Cameroon, to ensure that the terrorist sect does not invade the nation, or use it’s grounds as a secret base for their operations. Within it’s first active week in the battle against terrorism, Cameroonian militia has reportedly kill 102 armed Boko Haram members within the joining borders of Nigeria and Cameroon. This fact has brought upon a lot of backlash from Nigerians to Cameroon, several going on blogs to declare that Nigerian Military is better than Cameroon’s so, the Reuters publication simply cannot be true. We must ask ourselves however if at a time of such unrest, our main focus should be on which nation’s military is better, especially considering, the two nations are fighting towards the same goal of eradicating self-declared kidnappers, molesters and murders. We must all keep in mind that the most important part right now is not competition against each other, but alliance towards a common goal.

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