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posted in: News | 0 is a web app, that basically calculates what a bride’s price should be through a series of multiple choice questions which range from physical attributes (e.g height) to educational qualifications and everything in between, with each choice corresponding to a positive or negative monetary value which sums up to a monetary value of your fake bride price (after the elders have consulted).

The app is a satirical look at the culture of bride prices (it states clearly in the disclaimer that “This app is a joke, and all there is to it.”), but as with most things that make light of the grey area where the touchy issue of culture and modernism (or in this case, feminism) intersect, there has been some backlash, including a petition to take the app down.

Does it bother the developers? Not in the least, if anything, the controversy has further helped drive the app to viral status, with the app posting some really impressive stats just after 48hrs since it went live, including 4 million plus social conversations, 850,000 Facebook referrals, and over a million users so far.

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