Blood on The Altar – Chapter 4

Both the Coordinator and Blessing sat in separate chairs, waiting for the Pastor to come to his desk. The Pastor has summoned Blessing after the Coordinator reported her to him. No word was shared between them, and the silence between them was so heavy that the air was struggling to move around the cosy office.
Brother Ade, the Choir Coordinator fiddled with his phone, doing nothing in particular, while Blessing was pretended to be reading the bible. After a long wait that seemed will not be over, the Pastor came to his seat and apologized for keeping them waiting; especially to Blessing.
“No problem Sir,” Blessing said with her usual smile, “you are simply doing the work of God, and except one is an agent of the devil who doesn’t want the progress of this ministry,” she took a glance at Brother Ade, and continued, “one should understand why you had to take your time.” She continued her smile.
The Pastor was glad; he blessed her and thanked her, but the Coordinator hissed.
“That is okay, Brother Ade. Please, understand that Sister Blessing is only overreacting as a normal lady should. I am sure she has her reasons. I expect us to settle this as adults.”
“What reasons, Pastor? Why are you indulging this lady?”
“Please, Mr. Coordinator,” Blessing cuts in, “respect is reciprocal; if you address me again as ‘this lady’, I will address you as ‘just a man’.”
“You are nothing but a Jezebel?” Brother Ade shouted at her.
“You call me a Jezebel?” She slapped her chest, and her boobs reverberated and juggled like a milkshake.
She stood up, and Brother Ade countered by standing up too. Both of them spat in each other’s face as they rain insults accordingly. All these while, the Pastor kept a steady smile as he segued from one moment of exchange of insult to another. He probably was enjoying the drama.
“Pastor, Pastor,” Brother Ade called out after feeling being overpowered by Blessing, who appeared to be more apt in the game of affront, “Sir, you sat there and allow this…this…this…”
“This what?” Blessing cut in after he went searching for the right words. “If you dare insult me again, I swear to the living God,” she closed her eyes and pointed to the ceiling, “I will slap you and I will never regret it.” Immediately she said that, Brother Ade went numb!
“You will slap me?” He asked, rubbing his cheek with his hands as he imagined the effect of the slap that hasn’t come. “Pastor,” he said, “did you hear that?”
The Pastor, who managed to maintain his smile all through the dramatic period only laughed and nodded. “Of course, I heard her. And it will be a shame if you both stop this madness at a time when the drama is about to climax.” He said with all seriousness, his smile has disappeared now. They both got the message, and they apologized.
“Have your seats,” the Pastor offered, and they both did.
“I have asked Sister Hannah to meet us here,” he started, and Blessing squinted in unbelief.
“You asked…?”
“Please, stop,” the Pastor interjected as she tried to talk, “just listen for now. And like you have earlier said, unless you do not want the progress of this ministry, then you may refuse to listen to reasons.”
“Of course,” Brother Ade came in excitedly.
Blessing scoffs and urged the Pastor to continue.
“Thank you,” the Pastor replied. “First, Brother Ade, I want you to understand that your first approach on this matter by reporting to me was very commendable.”
“Thank you, Sir, I just felt that…”
“But,” the Pastor cuts in, raising his finger up as a sign for him to hold on, “you clouded that commendable action with your reaction right here in this office,” he said that, tapping his finger on his table, “and even in my presence.” He pointed his thumb to himself.
“Ha,” he exclaimed.
“Yes,” the Pastor reaffirmed. “You should have kept your calm because I believe Sister Blessing has a reason for all these reactions I will term as being negative.”
Blessing scoffed but remained silent.
“And I believe she has something to say. Is that right?” The Pastor tried to patronize her.
“Of course Sir,” she said, “but now is not the time. When the time comes, when I am sure that all evidence is glaring, I shall talk.”
“What evidence?” Brother Ade shouted. “All you have are insinuations and hearsays. Imagine this agent of the devil accusing me of dating Sister Hannah just because I was assisting her in training her voice!”
“Is that right?” Blessing laughed aloud.
She stood up and pointed right into Brother Ade’s eyes, “You can sit here in front of the man of God and lie? And you have the audacity to call me an agent of the devil while you commit all manners of sexual atrocities with female Church mem….”
“Enough!” Brother Ade slapped away her accusing finger and stood up against her abruptly. “You needed to be expelled from the Choir. In fact, you are suspended!”
“Of course” Blessing laughed dryly, “and your new catch, precious Hannah, will take over; right?”
“Please, relax; both of you,” the Pastor came in. “First, Sister Blessing is going nowhere.”
“I will go. I cannot continue to worship under this evil genius’s full control. I stand for the truth and whoever will take that microphone and worship God must not be an adulterer or a serial sinner.”
“I agree.” The Pastor said.
“Well, I thank God that I don’t sing. I don’t even…”
“I wasn’t talking about you, devil. I was talking about your precious girl whom you want to hand over the role of a Choir Mistress,” Blessing interjected the Coordinator.
“What?” The Coordinator asked in surprise.
“Hold on there, Sister Blessing and get this straight- there will be no Choir Mistress in this Church, not under my charge.” The Pastor said. “I have made that clear when I upheld the decision to scrape that office and stick with a Coordinator. There will only be a female vocal leader; but as things are at present, this is even becoming unbearable, and I think I will have to call on the Church Elders to investigate this matter.”
“You believed her?” The Coordinator asked, and anticipated a negative response from the Pastor.
“That is not the point, the bible asks us to seek the truth, and that is what we will do. I am even thinking we may have to suspend the whole Choir for now and…”
“Sir, if it comes to that, I will leave!” Blessing cut him short in his words.
“Leave!” The Coordinator shouted, “You bring nothing but chaos already. I even understood you were the reason Sister Ruth was suspended from the Choir so that you can take over.”
“Sorry, who is Sister Ruth?” The Pastor asked.
“Ask her, Sir. Please, ask her. Sister Ruth was her Church-mother whom she was handed over to so she can groom her. That has been the practice in this Church. If there was a Choir member with a potential, they hand such member over to a very good Choir member, preferably a leader, to help train to full potential.
“She was handed over to Sister Ruth who was the vocal leader then, and she sure did a good job on her, judging by how quickly she rose and started taking lead roles. Sister Ruth ensured she,” he emphasized by pointing to Blessing, “had a levelled ground to develop. She took her along to her special vocal training programs and seminars which apparently worked for her. Little did Sister Ruth know she was dining with the devil! When the time of trials came for Sister Ruth, the same person she was helping to grow gave her away.”
“Is that so?” The Pastor asked, turning to Sister Blessing. “Sister Blessing, is that so?”
“She will not answer because I was right” The Coordinator jumped in. “She is selfish and wanted everything. It is now her turn to groom a promising Choir member, and she refused. That is the cause of this whole argument.”
The Pastor raised his hands to stop the Coordinator from ranting further, “We shall come to that,” the Pastor said. “Grooming the next talent for God is the reason we are here, but it seems this is getting more interesting. I want to know how Sister Blessing became a hindrance to Sister Ruth’s ascent.”
“She will not talk Sir; she is probably ashamed of…”
“I am not ashamed of what I did, and I am always happy for doing it. I did it not for men or Glory but for God because. Like I said, I cannot accept a serial sinner to hold the microphone and lead the session of praise and worship for my God.” She finished silently. “And if that makes me a devil, so be it.”
The Coordinator laughed. “Pastor, you don’t even have to…”
“Brother Ade,” the Pastor interjected him again, “Please, stop! Allow me listen to Sister Blessing for once.”
“I’m sorry Sir,” he said. “Please talk and let’s see how you will justify such payment of such good with evil.” He mocked Sister Blessing.
“Sir,” Blessing started, I think it is getting clearer now. You,” she pointed to the Coordinator, “are very close with Sister Ruth when I was her church-daughter.”
“So,” the Coordinator laughed mockingly with open palms, “are you insinuating that I was dating her too?”
“Of course not,” she replied.
“That a surprise then.” He laughed dryly and enjoyed his little tide of victory. “I thought all you do is lie.”
“But seeing her get suspended due to my part has been the reason you haven’t been okay with me all these while.”
“Who said that? Why wasn’t I okay with you? I was your vocal trainer for months before you decided not to go on with it. You can’t claim I disliked or hated you; I only ask you to help Sister Hannah just as Sister Ruth, whom you later stabbed in the back, helped you. Or, can we safely conclude you are just scared of Hannah becoming a nemesis?”
“Please, what is the meaning of all these?” The Pastor asked in annoyance because he was getting more confused. “What did you do to Sister Ruth?” He asked Blessing who, in all ways was only pretending to be silent, inside of her, she was enjoying it all. The plan, her plan, was coming to fruition.
She ousted Sister Joy; she ousted Ruth, all to be the only vocal leader. And now, the plan to remove a potential threat, who has been receiving the support of the most powerful man in the Choir, the Coordinator, is already coming to fruition. In fact, just like she told Sister Mary yesterday night, it seems her way to being the Choir Mistress is not far anymore, because as things are presently, both the Coordinator and Hannah, are going down together.

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