Blood on The Altar – Chapter 3

Blessing reminisced on her transit to Jos, after she agreed to leave town.
The transit to Jos was too silent for Blessing; all through the journey which she went alone, she held the picture of her dead lover in her hands, crying at every glitch that brought the cherished memories they shared. The last night they spent together- she could still remember her words:
“My dearest Blessing, this is all a plot; a plot to take you away from me. Those mothers were jealous of what we have achieved together- your lovely voice that I helped you develop and your quick ascent from the children’s Choir to the youth’s Choir. I want you to know that many of them have approached me to help them train their daughters in which I refused. Now, they wanted us out, and they wanted you out of their way too.”
That day, Blessing looked at her in admiration, hate, and pity. She knew it was all an excuse and a lie; she truly abused all those children like she had abused her. Though, the credit belongs to her lover for ensuring that she got promoted to the youth choir after just three years in the children choir- an impossible feat! If not for the whole circumstance, Sister Mary already promised her a place at the senior choir even when she was clearly underage to even be in the Youth choir.
“Promise me, promise me my love that you will remember me always, and you will fight for me. Your mother will take you away tomorrow, but promise me that I will remain in your heart.” She requested of Blessing, something she would have done even without her request.
She also made her promise that she will not allow anybody to attain that position of a Choir Mistress, because in her words, “it is my right. They never wanted me to have it, but you must have it if I couldn’t. I used all my strength, might, time and resources to assist the Choir. Now, they wanted to reap where they did not sow and enjoy the fruit of my labour.”
She watched her lover stood up, paced the room like a damsel in distress, unsure where turn for help. Blessing stood up and walked over to her, as small as she was in frame, she held her close and assured her that she will do everything to ensure that her cause was justified and duly fought for by her.
“No one will attain that position!” Blessing promised.
Sister Mary kissed her, and it was a great kiss that was shared between them. She couldn’t have explained why that particular kiss has remained something to covet. But, she believed, maybe the salty taste from the tears on their lips added salt for a taste, to the whole kissing process.
She hid the picture perfectly in her bag as she alighted from the bus into the waiting arms of her Aunt who saw her as a victim of rape and injustice, much to her disgust. Her mother had sold her Aunt the story of how she was raped by Sister Mary.
She was angry- she believed that her lover was killed; she was murdered by the jealous mothers who pushed her to suicide. Her lover was denied justice; justice to fair hearing. Her lover was taken away from her when she was about to enjoy her more. And here they all are, treating her dead lover with such disrespect, tagging her as a rapist! She promised to avenge her death, and revenge she must take, even if it takes the whole time of her life. In her mind, she knew she was never a victim of rape, but of injustice. Yet, no one seemed to understand this. She was looking forward to going back to her home town, going back to that church to take back what is theirs!
Her aunt welcomed her to the dining the evening she landed in Jos, but she couldn’t taste out of the food. That evening, her appetite was not only lost, it simply didn’t exist. Her Aunt wondered and asked her why she didn’t touch the food,
“I am not hungry,” that was her response.
But even so, her eyes couldn’t resist the neatly placed cucumbers in the bowl, out of the many fruits in the large bowl placed on the dining table. She was already salivating; not from her mouth, but between her legs. Cucumbers were her favourite. Her Aunt, having noticed her attraction to the fruits, invited her to take one and eat; an invitation she couldn’t resist. She took one and excused herself to retreat inside and eat it.
That day, she remembered how she couldn’t wait to get inside her room before she pulled up her skirt and pulled down her pants. She ran into the toilet and sat on the toilet seat with legs professionally spread. With a quick movement, she spit in her palms and bathed the cucumber with it. She rubbed it gently, more like caressing. But it wasn’t slippery enough for her; so, she forced out phlegm and rubbed it on the cucumber. That felt better- Sister Mary taught her nice!
She balanced herself nicely on the toilet seat with one hand, and with the other she gently pushed in the improvised todger gently into the wet throbbing hole between her open legs. She almost died of an unending sensation that rushed up and jumped down her spine. She moaned gently as the abyss between her legs almost swallowed up the whole big, long fruit.
She held it in place and clamped her thighs together. She raised her head gently, absorbing the pleasure with a sizzling sound between her clenched teeth. Then she started to thrust, gently at first, and faster- uncontrollably. When the sensation was too much, she held the fruit with both hands and smashed it in and out with ferocious strength. Her eyes wide shut, her voice got louder; something she tried to control but for reasons unknown to her, she couldn’t. She shook her head frantically like a reggae artist and pounded the toilet seat with her butt like a rock star as her hands did the magic!
She rose to the skies and aimed to for the heavens. She pounded ferociously and without care. Her voice was louder and her moans were darker and deeper. Then, suddenly, almost when she was closer to the heavens, she reached orgasm and touched down from her flight to the skies. She was tired, and she felt dead. She finished whatever she was doing and opened her eyes to the horror of her life, panting heavily with eyes half-shut like a junkie- her Aunt stood right at the entrance of the toilet, looking at her.
Slowly, she removed the cucumber and lowered her head in shame.
“Blessing, what are you doing?” Her Aunt asked, half smiling.
“I’m…I’m sorry,” she said, and slowly covered her shame.
“Are you, now?” Her aunt asked.
Blessing nodded, but her Aunt continued,
“I mean you are doing it wrong; you may hurt yourself with such fierce movements.”
“Aunty, I was trying to kill an insect that entered while I was…”
Her Aunt’s laughter cut into her stupid excuse like a wildfire, and it burnt the excuse away from her mind almost immediately. She realized she has been very stupid to even try to say that, but she must reiterate her lie until it is being accepted as the truth; both by her and whoever who cared to listen. Sister Mary thought her to always stand by her lies even when threatened with a gun.
“It is true, Ma’am. I was trying to kill a fly.” She insisted.
“Of course I know.” Her Aunt said. “It might interest you to know that it happens a lot to me too, but I don’t kill it like that way. I mean I have, but I landed in the hospital because I ended up hurting my precious pot. You see,” she continued, much to Blessing’s confusion, “I have to teach you how to do this, because there are lots of flies around here, and occasionally, they will definitely find their way back in.” She smiled to see Blessing’s reaction which was already lost in the wastelands.
“But…” Blessing tried to say something, but words weren’t coming.
The Aunt only smiled and asked her to proceed to the bedroom. She did, reluctantly, not sure of what was happening, but sure she can’t resist her Aunt’s directive which was more like an order. Aunty Rosaline led her gently to the bedroom and laid her bare on her back. She wasn’t scared, this is not new to her; she had Sister Mary, who was even older than her aunt who was the last born of her grandmother.
“Now, let me show you,” her Aunt took the fruit from her, and like Sister Mary had taught her, she spat on it and caressed it gently as she ensures all areas were well covered- wet.
Due to her loyalty to her dead lover, she couldn’t bring herself to agree that it was better. But it didn’t really get better until her Aunt decided to use her tongue on her clitoris. It was a new feeling; something she has never experienced during all the times she thought she was having explosive experience with Sister Mary. This time, she could swear she was dead for a long time, only to feel alive again.


Her vagina throbbed and twitched at the thought of her Aunt; she was a real bitch. She was an expert, and she taught her more. Of course, the Aunt didn’t have to worry about her conscience for exposing her niece to unspeakable sexual desires; transforming her into her sex machine- she loved every bit of it. She was being treated right and she enjoyed her time in Jos.
She recollected that two weeks after her arrival to Jos, her mom called to asked if she was ready to come home, Blessing requested to continue her studies while staying with her Aunt; something her mom was so glad of and even thanking God because it will remove her from the negative attention Sister May has dragged her into. And so, she had stayed with her Aunt for years till she was done with her college and her University education. She returned to town few months after her mom died, and back to the church, back to the choir, just in time to see Sister joy, the prostitute, leave the church in shame!


After she was done reminiscing, she was ready to switch on her phone and continue with the plan. She switched it on and tucked away Sister’s Mary’s picture- the same which has brought past memories. She has already embarked on the revenge mission. Not that this was her first mission, she already ousted two potential Choir Mistresses before she took over as the vocal leader after she came back to town four years ago.
By the time she came back to town after graduating from the University of Jos, she met a Choir Mistress, Sister Joy. She was so good that the Church was considering sponsoring her studio session. But one day, a man came forward and gave his life to Christ, and confessed that the Choir Mistress was a prostitute right in front of the whole congregation. He claimed he was a regular customer of Sister Joy, and it will be bad of him not to confess this, after he gave his life to Christ. Like he said, he couldn’t take it again, seeing Sister Joy lead the praise and worship for the same God who showed him salvation.
Sister Joy collapsed right on the podium, and she was rushed to the hospital. Legend has it that she disappeared right from the hospital bed, and she was never seen again. Blessing believed Sister Joy should have known better than to sell her services to a Church member.
For fear of another scandal from the ladies, the Pastor saw it wise to use a male Coordinator as the head of the choir, and a female vocal leader instead of a Choir Mistress; since the office of the Choir Mistress appeared to be cursed. Brother Ade was the second Coordinator after the first got married and left the Church. So far so good, male Coordinators have proven to be effective.
Sister Ruth, the first female vocal leader to assist a male Coordinator was later suspended after being involved with another scandal, and Blessing, her assistant was made the vocal leader immediately another Pastor took over from the Pastor who was transferred for ineptitude. The new Pastor decided to stick with the trick of a female vocal leader and a male Coordinator. This didn’t go well with Blessing who wanted the post of the choir mistress to be thrown open- a position seen as the bequest of her dead lover!
No one knew what scandal Blessing had been in before her sudden reappearance. She spent almost ten years in Jos, and the Church was just getting back to her feet after scandals upon scandals have scattered the flock. But when she was back, she realised that the position of the choir mistress had never been opened, and she promised to continue the fight on behalf of Sister Mary who was cheated of that position, ten years ago!
Her phone rang, and she picked it up;
“I am at home,” she replied the caller.
It was Emeka, her first male sexual partner. She used to call him her toy soldier. He was an ex to Sister Ruth, the vocal leader who succeeded Sister Joy, the prostitute. Emeka wanted to come over, and Blessing surely has another work for him.
The process to end the Coordinator’s reign has been set in motion; the Coordinator must be ousted!

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