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Dear Runners,

We are conducting an opinion poll to know the best time to post updates.

We want to know the time most people take their breakfast, lunch and Dinner in Nigeria.

For instance, I like my breakfast by 8am and my Dinner by 7:30pm..

What time do you like yours?

50 Comments will unlock the next Update of our Story.

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69 Responses

  1. Papoo Owoh

    We need 3 updates 8am, 2pm and 8pm

  2. Breakfast 8am, lunch 2pm, supper 8pm

  3. 7:30 am….brkfst
    7:00pm….. dinner

  4. lunch….12:30pm

  5. King Larry

    Breakfast 8am, lunch 2pm, dinner 8pm

  6. Breakfast 7:59a.m, lunch 1:59p.m and supper 8pm.

  7. Keep posting the updates as usual NoSkInPaIn …

  8. Breakfast 7:59a.m, lunch 1:59p.m and supper 8pm.

  9. 7:30am, 1:30pm. 7:30pm.. Breakfast, lunch and dinner time respectively.

  10. bissiejoe

    I don’t have time for taking my food cos of the nature of my job. I eat anytime I have the chance to, hope this help.

  11. abeg update na

  12. hmmm early morning=brakefast
    early afternoon=lunch
    early evenin=dinner
    hahaha well i guess 7:2:8 is ok

  13. 0-0-1 ! That’s how I eat

  14. 9am,2pm,8pm

  15. Breakfast8am, lunch2pm, supper8pm….


    pls three updates per day!

  17. Breakfast 8:30 a.m and dinner 8:00 p.m.

  18. timifakay

    Breakfast: 7:30am, lunch anytime in the afternoon, dinner: 8pm

  19. i only take breakfast nd supper 8am and 8pm

  20. horlabiyi

    8am-2pm-7:30pm shikena

  21. 8am 2pm 7pm

  22. 8:59am, 2pm and 8pm,

  23. no update till now….why?
    50 comments na long thing oh

  24. neotrinity

    Breakfast 9am, dinner 8pm

  25. lastdon...

    Zuby we need 3 square meals

  26. Breakfast=6am

    dats how i roll

  27. 9am,3pm, 7.30

  28. As for me i do have my breakfast, lunch & dinner whenever am hungry.

    We need 3 updates daily

  29. Petit déjeuner: 07h00

    Déjeuner: 12h00

    Diner : 19h00

  30. sesanayo


  31. This Zuby sef

    Breakfast: 9am
    Lunch: 3pm
    Dinner: 8.30pm

  32. Konmight

    Give us two updates daily Bro.

    One in the morning 8am and one in the evening 5pm.

    I eat twice a day.


  33. 9am n 8pm

  34. Na wa o 50 comments too much na

  35. Breakfast,lunch and dinner.ukwa guragu

  36. DeutscheSprecher

    let me add to the numbers sha. Making 35. But for this compulsive comments, I would have ingested the 8:30 pills waiting to have it again at 1pm and the last by 7pm

  37. no breakfast,lunch by 2:00pm and dinner anytime from 8pm, 36th comment more 14 to go

  38. Hahahahaha…. Zuby see question oooo… Chai, see funny reply. Even akarolo pple dey chop 0-0-1, oga wetin u dey do? Ogash dey chop around 6 for mornin. Chai,diariz God ooo.
    Anyway mine z 9am n 9pm. If i no c anytin chop 4 aftnun no p. But 4 d purpose of dis i dey chop 9-3-9.

  39. see gobe… update yet

  40. 8am, 2pm and 8pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

  41. everrichy

    8am, 2pm 8am.

  42. meexteeriox

    8am, 2pm and 7:30pm plssss

  43. DoroRunner

    As an area fada, na 6am, 3pm, 9pm

  44. DeutscheSprecher

    Eulag, parlez-vous français?

  45. anonymous

    Whatever rocks ur boat

  46. 3 times in a day: 8am, 1pm and 7:30pm

  47. Lol! Dis Zuby is funny sha! I eat 4 times a day oh! 7am, 12noon, 5pm n 9pm

  48. Oui! Je parle francais

  49. dorobuccci

    3 times: 8am, 1pm n 7pm

  50. Na wa oh! No new update yet? Dis tin neva still reach 50? Upon say I don chop morning n afternoon food yet I neva chop any update. #DiaRisGodOh

  51. 8am, 1pm and 9pm

  52. godofwar


  53. Nwankwo c onyebuchi

    Zuby if u can update three time a day it will be ok.

  54. Efe2real


  55. @ DeutscheSprecher

    Je parle tres bien la langue Francaise , en effet, j’habite en France quand même.

    Par contre, il y a un fou qui vient de repond a ma place .

    Et toi Monsieur Le DeutscheSprecher ?

  56. @Zuby, why do you let some imbeciles steal other peoples username ? Someone just replied a message with my user name and it is not right because it can be used for negative reasons . You can choose to keep quiet about it

  57. I read the updates whenever I’m free , but I don’t miss them.
    TDS dosing would be cool though ; that’s three times daily things.
    Thumbs up Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

  58. 8am, 2pm, 8pm

  59. DeutscheSprecher

    eulag, bon. Que ton séjour en france soit rempli du bonheur. Je m’installe au Nigeria

  60. Amoto Luckie

    Breakfast: 8am, Lunch: 1:59pm, Supar: 8:30pm

  61. Breakfast 8am, lunch 2pm,
    dinner 8pm

  62. zuby everybody wants 3 square meal.what do u say about it? U can choose to be silent anyway.

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  67. vivienne

    breakfast: 8am
    brunch: 11am
    lunch: 2pm:
    night food: 10pm.
    thank uuuuuuuuuuu.

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