7: The Enugu Encounter

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May 27, Enugu Nigeria: The plan was that we will return back to Onitsha that same day but things changed. I remember May 27 2001 was a rainy Sunday. We had visited the Zoo, the Emene Airport and some other … Continued

6: Millionaire at 21

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The Cotonou trips continued. Sometimes we sold our cars at Ladipo market in Lagos and head back to Cotonou. Sometimes we crossed through Seme borders while going to Cotonou but we used the Idiroko border for crossing the vehicles. I … Continued

5: My Car My Girl

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With the help of two hired drivers, we crossed the border into the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It took us about 30 Minutes as we had to stop at custom checkpoints to show them the card we got from their … Continued

4: Fallen Faith

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She led me to a room with a bed, a single window and a bathroom. She asked me to have a seat while she went to the bedroom. I was nervous and it led me to my first mistake. ” … Continued

3: Life In The Border

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Chike, (RIP: died in South Africa in 2004) who lived near my building in Onitsha was my friend. He used to go to Cotonou and Porto Novo to buy used spare parts as well. Each time he returned from Cotonou, … Continued

2: Profit and Risk

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I spent two days following Sunday around Ibadan. After the second day, i decided to do something different. I had seen Lagos bound buses the previous day and since they were mini buses, i figured out that Lagos would not … Continued

The Beginning. Chapter 1: Who is Zuby

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Chapter 1: Who is Zuby? The world has become evil. Every Nation fights against one another. Super Nations manufacture weapons to destroy others; they no longer help the poor nations. Money meant to feed the people is being used to … Continued