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Dear Runners, I call you ‘Runners’ because we have all been running around Europe since mid last year. We have been consistent and punctual right from the beginning until now; we must all be proud because without your encouragement, i would have abandoned this beautiful project.

However it is important that you invite your friends and share this revealing story with them, more people means more encouragement. I have given you Life on the Run and in return, i need you to send my story to as many as you can; tweet it, like and share on Facebook, Google+ it and sms the links to your friends. Let us all grow together because as long as i write, you will be entertained.
I love you all, especially the Ls. Winks*.

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  1. No wahala

  2. Ok sire!!

  3. Onyebaba

    Yes o. Thanks for entertaining us. Be rest assured that your tales will soar high. Keep doing what u do best. Still Running.

  4. We love u to boss

  5. Anonymous

    Possibly you could advice us all on better ways of using the platforms you listed above. Do i need to paste this link on my fb page, bbm updates or what? Thanks

  6. go tell it on the mountain, every city, all nation…. i doff my hat

  7. Jasified


  8. Anonymous


  9. Igwemadu bu Ike …. Waiting for more story ….

  10. I’ve been doing that and I’m still doing it but I wish to ask if share button could be brought back so that it could be easier.

  11. paulo4sure

    here i come

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