American Democracy in Afrika

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The Final Hidden Agenda For Libya Now A Reality. Depose The Order That Built The Country, Kept It Rich And Debt Free From The International Bully Fiat. Instigate Coarse And Let Disorder Reign So The Country And People Remain Impoverished.


All The Western Countries That Participated To Bring Libya To The Carnage Happening There Right Are All Busy Now Evacuating Their Embassies And Their Personnel…

Divide And Conquer Now Well Established. The Orchestrator’s Can Step Aside Now (Buck Passing), With Ease Supply Various Factions With Weapons To Bleed Each Side As Much As They Can. The Ones With The Bigger Guns Of Course Will Continue To Ensure Non Stop Flow Of Libyan Oil To Those That Prize It.

Population Reduction Control (PRC)?? Yes Of Course No Worries. Libyans Are Sub-humans Good As Collateral Damage.

Environmental Degradation? No It’s A “Fallacy”. Even If It’s A Fact, Its Happening Thousands Of Miles Away, In Libya Afrika, It’s Ok.

Afrika’s & Afrikans’ True Liberation Can Never Come From Outside Afrika.!

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4 Responses

  1. I dont understand what u mean.
    Should libya continue with the man who ruled them for fourty something yrs? Is he the only one capable of ruling in that country?
    As for the damage, it’ll be repaired very soon with there oil money!
    To renovate a damaged city after war, usually takes time.

    • DaVinci

      Queen Elizabeth av ruled 4 aw many yrs? Guy dont be deceived.

  2. meexteeriox

    Zubby, u are so on point. We Africans are simply sleep walking into our second recolonisation. All d signs are there, but like d first time we are accepting it with open arms. Desmond Tutu said it all, “when d white men came, we had d land and they had d bible. They asked us to close our eyes n pray, when we opened our eyes, they had d land n we had d bible”.
    Lybia under Ghaddafi fared better than ever, he refused completely to buy d western ideas. The west has a way of creating chaos to achieve set aims n objectives. We Africans are undergoing recolonisation and now it is been led from d east, mainly by China.

  3. Uncanny Genius

    The Libyans are regretting by now.

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