72: Nothing Lasts Forever

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“I want to follow you to Amsterdam,” precious said. “It’s okay if you want to come with us but there are other options. You can go to Marseille and start school like some of the girls I rescued from the … Continued

73: If Not For Police.

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Zuby didn’t return from Napoli that night. I called him once and he said he was with the Police, and then he cut and switched off his phone. “Baby, you said you are going to get..” I was saying when … Continued

75: Always One More Trouble

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“Are you going to tell him?” Precious said as soon Robinson left for his room. “Tell him what? Tell who?” I asked. “Tell Zuby about Robinson and I,” she said. “Precious, Zuby probably know what is going on between you … Continued

77: An eye for an eye

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  Around 8pm that evening, we left with a few of our things to the new apartment. Precious followed us but the agreement was that she would return to Robinson as soon as she knew where we were relocating. According … Continued

79: The Missing Kolanut

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  Back in our apartment, he asked me to give him the small mirror I always carried in my bag. I watched him for several minutes staring in the mirror, checking on the bandages plastered on his left eye. The … Continued

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