60: Yet He Left Again

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When Zuby called me the next day, he said he was in one city called Kiruna in northern Sweden. That was where Precious was posted after her asylum camp. He said he had seen Precious and that he was bringing … Continued

63. The Wrong Decision

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He answered my call after two attempts. “How are you Maria?” he asked. “I am not okay. You abandoned me here and now Precious is nowhere to be found,” I said and kept quiet. After a brief silence, he asked … Continued

65: The Violent Rape

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It was around 9pm when Precious called. I didn’t save her number in my phone. I knew it offhand. One of the men brought the phone and showed it to me. He asked who it was that was calling. “I … Continued

66: The Fear Of Zuby

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“Pray that he comes with the money soon enough because you will stay here and die of hunger if we don’t see him,” Adesuwa said before she left again. It was me and the bastard all over again. I was … Continued

69: The Awkward Moments

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Zuby turned back to Alaye and said, “Pray that you spend the rest of your miserable life in prison. This is not over.” He rushed to where Adesuwa was being led away. “You too, you will pay for all this, … Continued

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