51: One Memorable Moment

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“I think we haven’t had a good time for the past few days,” He said. “You are right. You have been busy preparing the girls for UK trip that you forgot your wife,” I said, and we both laughed. “Nobody … Continued

52: The Court Judgement

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The following morning, we went to the court house. It was the second time at the court though I didn’t follow Zuby there the first time. We picked Rose up and all of went there. I wanted to know how … Continued

53: Goodbye Sweden

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The judge didn’t waste much time when he returned. He just called up Rose and announced that she be given temporal resident permit. It was good news for our camp. We have won half of the battle. I even felt … Continued

54: Sooner or Later

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We left Malmo early next morning and got to Copenhagen with train. On asking around, we were told that black people could be found in Vesterbro area. We took a cab to the place and rented a hotel room. I … Continued

58: Mother Maria

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At the hotel, we slept for hours until around midday when he woke me up and said he wanted to go inside the city. I was still sleepy, therefore I asked him to go alone. He returned with some foods … Continued

59: Home At Last

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When Ngozi announced her leave, Zuby excused himself and followed her downstairs. I asked her to return the next day. We still needed to have some more talk. She had offered to pay me my money back whenever she started … Continued

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