Africa to Europe 2: The Prostitute’s Bible

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Africa to Europe Season 2.

We are about to kick off the Season 2.

As always, its going to be another suspense and twist filled Adventure from the stable of Global Runs Inc.

In this Season, you will read about Maria’s new line of work and the secrets behind it.

This Season will cover Maria’s venture into bringing girls to Europe for prostitution, Maria’s visit to Nigeria for the first time, how she met one Mr. Austin at a Lagos Beach and how her life changed from Prostitution to an obedient woman.

This Chapter will also cover Maria’s relocation from one European Country to another and her venture into the drug business.

I can see you already bracing up for yet, the best part of the story.
I can bet you are going to be reading through familiar territories soon.

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  1. well done Mr Zuby
    keep the good work up.

  2. Big ups boss

  3. solomon sly

    U are indeed a genius

  4. Yea, I am loving this Maria’s story. Its very educative

  5. that’s will interesting to know the full story of her life with you in europe, What her thought, expectation and fears…

  6. Nice one brother.

  7. that’s when ozoigbondu will manifest in this story.
    can’t wait.

  8. Cool

  9. I thought u wouldn’t mention “her venture into drug business”. I can’t wait to read that part.

  10. Geting more interesting

  11. oya legoo season 2

  12. Ok

  13. Zubby we re waiting so alerted 4 dis seasons2 pls.

  14. Good job

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