Global Runs, Life on the Run is a Blovel {Blog Novel} of the life of the author who left Africa for Europe in search of greener pastures but ran into the ring of human traffickers. He started an individual campaign against the traffickers which nearly resulted to his death numerous times but he managed to escape death on each occasion. The author has been to many Countries of the World including Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and many more. He currently writes from Nigeria.

The Author.
My name is Samson, known as Zuby on this Blovel.

I am a Nigerian Traveler.
Born in Eastern Nigeria.
Raised in Eastern Nigeria.
I have seen many cultures of the World.

The Life on the Run Series will cover tens of cities all around the World; the things i did in those cities, the troubles and the pains i went through trying to survive in those places, and of course the good times i had in those places.

Thanks to all the people i came across in the course of my adventures.

This Stories are protected under the General copyright law. No part of this work shall be reproduced in any form without my permission.

This whole work is dedicated to my elder brother who has been missing since 2010.


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