Abducted girls may have been located

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There were indications yesterday that the 230
female students abducted by Boko Haram
terrorists from the Government Girls’
Secondary School, GGSS, Chibok, Borno State,
have been sited at the Sambisa Forest in Borno
State, by the Special Forces of the United
States Marines.
The girls who were abducted on April 14, were
part of the 250 students boarded at the school
for the West African School Certificate, WASC/
Senior Secondary School Certificate, SSSC,
examinations, triggering world-wide
This was even as more US military officials
arrived Nigeria yesterday to join local officials
in the search for nearly 300 school girls taken
captives by the Islamist extremist group, Boko
Haram, the US Secretary of State John Kerry,
and the defence department, Pentagon, said.
The UK team had earlier arrived in Abuja to
support Nigerian government in its response to
the abduction of over 200 school girls.
The arrival of the foreign troops is coming on
the heels of the appeal yesterday by the former
Vice President, Atiku Abubakar for Nigerians to
unite and fight the insurgents to achieve
The abduction of the school girls on April 14 in
a remote community in Borno State, one of the
most shocking terrorist acts by Boko Haram
yet, has drawn widespread anger around the
world with calls for a swift action.
President Goodluck Jonathan said Thursday
that the kidnapping will be “the beginning of
end” of Boko Haram.
US President Obama has said he hopes the
abduction by Boko Haram will galvanize the
international community to act against the
brutal group that has directed much of its
cruelty on civilians and the innocent.
This week, more than 100 people were killed in
a busy market by militants suspected to be
from the group. The attack occurred in
Gamboru Ngala, Borno State, near the Nigerian
border with Cameroun.
Besides the United States, Britain, France and
China have also offered to help rescue the
stolen girls. Obama said the team sent to
Nigeria comprised personnel from military, law
enforcement and other agencies.
France said it will station 3,000 troops in
Nigeria’s neighbouring countries to help fight
militants in the Sahel region.
British satellites and advanced tracking
capabilities also will be used, and China has
promised to provide any intelligence gathered
by its satellite network.
Meanwhile in a statement yesterday, the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
spokesperson said, “a team of UK experts who
will advise and support the Nigerian authorities
in its response to the abduction of over 200
school girls touched down in Abuja, Nigeria
this morning”.
The team is drawn from across government,
including DfID, FCO and the MoD, and will work
with the Nigerian authorities leading on the
abductions and terrorism in Nigeria. The team
will be considering not just the recent
incidents but also longer-term counter-
terrorism solutions to prevent such attacks in
the future and defeat Boko Haram.
The team will be working closely with their US
counterparts and others to coordinate efforts.
US Marines find abducted girls, arrest a Boko
Haram leader
The sources told Saturday Vanguard in Abuja
that members of the United States Marines
who are already in Maiduguri following the
promise by President Barak Obama to assist
Nigeria in rescuing the abducted girls, located
the girls inside the forest, using some Satellite
equipment which combed the forest, located
an assembly of the young girls and sent the
images back to the Marines on ground in
Aside locating the whereabouts of the girls in
the dense forest, it was also, further gathered
that one of the leaders of terrorist group who
participated in the abduction of the girls was
arrested by a combined team of the US
Marines and Nigerian forces.
Sources said that the Boko Haram leader was
arrested, through an advanced interceptor
equipment which was used to track the
terrorist while exchanging information with his
colleagues in Sambisa Forest about the
movements of American and Nigerian soldiers
in Maiduguri.
His phone was subsequently traced to a
location in Maiduguri where he was arrested
and handed over to the Nigerian military.
The location of the girls in the forest is
contrary to widespread reports that the girls
had been distributed and ferried to the Nigerian
border towns in Chad, Cameroon and Niger
Senator Ahmed Zanna, representing Borno
Central District in whose Maiduguri home, an
alleged Boko Haram top commander was once
arrested told the Senate last week that he gave
the Military an up-to-date information on how
the girls could be rescued, but lamented that
his information was largely ignored.
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