99: The Last Girl – Power of Women. +18

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She didn’t care to put on any of her clothes. The underpants which she could have put on was washed a few minutes ago and was still wet.
Queen was going to sleep naked on the same bed with me.
I had managed to put only boxers, knowing that if the need arose, removing it in a quarter of one second was possible.

With a seducing smile, she climbed into the bed and went under the large white blanket.

“Come to bed” she said.

I heard it loud and clear simply because i expected it.

I slowly walked into the bed and crawled under the Blanket like a tortoise.

“Hold me tight” She whispered.

‘Yes ma’ I nearly said.
But i said nothing as i shifted a little more inside and held her slim body tight.

She started her kisses again.

I wanted to ask ‘Why do you like kisses so much?’ But some things were better left unsaid.

Her left hand had found my manhood and was rubbing it softly.

I didn’t know where my right hand should go first.
There were three options available for my hand; the Kunt, the Boobs and the soft buttocks. I decided to go for the less appealing one first, which was the buttocks.
The idea was that If she didn’t complain, i would upgrade to the boobs, then to the Alpha part. But if she did as much as shrugged, then i would retrieve my hand as fast as lightening; then apologize.

Although i picked Queen up in the street but i couldn’t tell why i had so much respect for her. Such thing never happened to me before.

“Hold me tight” She whispered again.

Encouragement alert!

I held her tighter and squeezed the fresh buttocks while she kissed.
Moments later, i upgraded my mouth first down to the Boobs.
I sucked them one after the other as she increased the massaging of my manhood.

Three minutes later my right hand abandoned the buttocks and slowly found the well shaven cunt. Since the mouth already took over the boobs, my hand had no more chance for the second option; it went directly to the first.

The little moisture on the walls of the open wet cunt made my index finger to go into her without any hold up.
I fingered her slowly for a minute before adding the second finger.

Queen was moaning two minutes later. She was wriggling her waste from the pure excitement coming from my fingers inside her cunt.

“Baby i love you” i heard from her.

Hehehehe! Don’t go there.
I knew it was the naive nature associated with teenagers that made her think she loved me.

She pushed my mouth out of the young boobs and climbed on top of me.
The blanket miraculously shifted to one side and exposed two naked bodies fired up to commit More sins.
She started kissing my forehead down to my neck and chest. I was moaning with ecstasy but i was aware that she could end up on my manhood; I prayed for that.

Some moments later, she got to my manhood and held it with her right hand; then she looked at me and smiled.

Gawd! Don’t let her stop now.

The wet warm tongue touched the tip of my manhood and slowly went down the entire length.
At that moment, I became helpless.
If she was really the Olokun girl, that was exactly the right moment to strike.

The sensation sent me out of the World as i stretched my hands and grabbed her two boobs.

While i squeezed, Queen sucked on my manhood for minutes until the stiff manhood alerted me that it was time for action.

I got up slowly and put my hand under the pillow. The Durex condom i hid when i came to drop our clothes from the bathroom was still there.

Even though i had vowed not to sleep with her when we came in but somehow i knew that women possessed more powers over men when in bed.

In one long minute, i grabbed the condom, opened it, tore it, slipped it into the stiff manhood and slowly crawled on top of Queen who has been laying on her back smiling at me with her knees raised up as a result of not stretching her legs.

I slowly parted her legs more to expose the soft pubic hairs growing quietly as a result of recently being shaved.
As i looked between her legs, i was tempted to lick her young cunt and make her cry and beg me to go inside her but since i picked her up in the street, that was never going to happen; atleast not until i made sure no other man was in her life.

My manhood slowly found the entrance of her cunt and went in as she held me tight on the back and wriggled her waist like an earthworm.

“Baby baby baby” She cried out softly as i started raising my waist and putting it down again while my manhood remained inside of her.

Whether it was because she was very beautiful or because i liked her or because she was young, i felt the sex was the best i ever had.

The tight cunt held my manhood each time i wanted to pull it but opens up slowly each time i put it back into her.

I didn’t count how many times she cried out that she loved me but since i felt it was because of the excitement coming out of the sweet sex, i didn’t count.

The red wine played its own part by holding on the sperm from coming out on time.

At a stage, i sat up on the edge of the large bed and made Queen sat on my legs facing me.
Slowly, she moved towards me until my manhood entered her cunt once more; then i held her waist and pushed it in and out. She picked up the rhythm and started doing it herself until the Vino de Tinto was no longer capable of holding on to the sperms.

I released at the same time she released for the third time as i collapsed with my back on the bed. She also collapsed on top of me while my manhood remained inside of her.

Her mouth found mine again and she started another kiss.

“Did you enjoy it?” She asked.

I nodded and smiled.

Whether she did all that because of 500 or because i promised to help her with her documents, it was left to be known later but as things stood, Queen was going back to Amsterdam with me. She was also going back to Nigeria with me if she was ready.
Irrespective of everything she said about documents, i knew that there could be more to her situation than she told me.

Human beings were naturally cunning.

” When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, open-ended, and sphinxlike. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish”

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