99: Helsinki, The Frozen City

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Helsinki was another European city built inside the Snow pathway. It was Winter and everywhere was white.
I had boarded a flight from Brussels and landed at the Helsinki Airport. There was no black human being near the airport, yet I, the only one there was carrying drugs.

With my little hand luggage full of clothes, i walked to the exit door and found the cabs lined together.

“Excuse me, Do you speak English?” I asked a taxi driver; he nodded.

I put my hand inside my jean pocket and produced a piece of paper where an address was written for me. I normally don’t take written addresses but unfortunately, the name of the street where i was going was too long and confusing. It wasn’t like the normal English vowels, it was more like a technical name with gtd colliding with each other. To avoid biting my tongue while trying to pronounce the street name, i had asked Bola to write it down in a piece of paper.

At the street where i was supposed to meet my contact, i found an Ice bar and entered. The bar man didn’t know the next word in English.

Pointing at a bottle of beer, i asked him to give me one.
As soon as i opened and started drinking, i called the man i was supposed to meet. Due to fear, he had warned that i don’t call him until i get to the street.
He picked the call and asked if i was in the street.

“Yes, at a bar near the Hospital Signpost.” I said.

When Obi came to pick me up, he came with a car.
We drove to another street behind the one he directed me.
His apartment was two bedroom and a sitting room. Two picture portraits of two little girls hung on the wall of the sitting room.
More portraits of Obi in different football Jersey also adorned the sitting room.
Our man seemed to love taking picture with football clothes.

A silver cup was sitting near the television, two medals hung on the wall behind the fridge.

“Sit down please.” He said.
I obeyed.

He went inside the room and when he returned, he gave me a pack of beer and asked how the journey was.

After brief chat about the journey, i asked him to show me the toilet.
Inside the toilet, i removed my trouser and started bringing out the drugs through my anus. I counted as i brought them out one at a time.
When the sturbon balls refused to come out like others, i put back my trouser and returned to the sitting room.
The discussion that followed was about football.
It seemed Mr. Obi, an Igbo man from Anambra State was a professional footballer before he injured himself. According to him, he played for one popular football club called Udoji United in Nigeria before traveling to Europe. Unfortunately, i never heard a football club with such name in Nigeria, not that i was a football fan.

Mr. Obi had a white girlfriend who lived somewhere else, They had two daughters together who lived with her.

Mr. Obi was receiving cocain from Bola for the second time ever and he was delighted.
According to his comments, the Nigerian community in Finland were too few. Those who knew about drugs did it within themselves alone. The first person he approached to study the drug business turned him down. He was lucky to meet Bola the last time he visited Amsterdam. That was how he started dealing on drugs.
His distribution channel was very secured. He simply supplied to his ex football friends who in turn, sold the drugs and return money to him.

Obi insisted that i would stay three days so i could be able to take the money back to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, i didn’t want to visit Amsterdam again. Terror lived there and has just been released from prison. The best way not to be captured easily was to stay away from Holland entirely.

Three hours after my arrival, the entire 70 balls of drugs came out. It was the fastest i had managed to release drugs in my entire carrier as a drug bird.
I would have gone back that same day but i didn’t have a return ticket.
Since Obi promised to take me around the city the next day, i decided to hang around.
He showed me one of the rooms and said it was where i would occupy for my duration in Helsinki. One would think that he wouldn’t come close to the room since it was temporary mine but keeping a goat and a tuber of Yam in the same room wasn’t the ideal way to safeguard the Yam.

Although i was no longer a prostitute but every matured girl needed sex once in a while. Ever since Zuby disappeared from my place in Castel Volturno, i have not had sex or anything close to that.

Obi looked cool to me and it was a matter of asking before i would accept to pull off my clothes for him.
Only if he knew that i already made up my mind, just that i wasn’t going to make the move myself.

By 8pm, we took his car and drove to the city center. The temperature was as cold as a full capacity freezer. Breathings from every mouth and nose were more like smokes. Every one wore hand gloves to protect their fingers from getting frozen. In my entire time in Europe, i have never witnessed such harsh weather and i wondered how people survived in such places.

Out in the city center, Obi took me to a Chinese restaurant. He was a funny and lovely man who made sure i laughed the entire time. He would start one joke with me and teased until i would have no option than to laugh out.
By the time we were done for the evening, i already wished that he was my boyfriend.
Maybe that’s what i needed at that trying time; someone to make me laugh in faraway land where Basil, Ano and even Zuby wont know that i existed. A quiet life in such place would have been ideal but unfortunately, Obi wasn’t inside my heart. There was no way he could know what i was thinking unless i told him but to preserve my dignity, i was never going to ask him if i could stay. I would be heartbroken if he turned me down.
There was no straight way to tell him that i needed an asylum in his apartment, there was no way to tell him that i was a wanted girl down in Central Europe.

He just saw me as a charming little girl who transported hard drugs.

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