98: The Last Girl – Laws of Possibilities

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The mixed hot and cold water sprinkled on our heads and faces and bodies as we held each other and kissed.

The two boobs were pressed on my chest, reminding me regularly, that the lips were just the beginning.

It was then that i found out how easy it was to fall in love with a beautiful girl.

But why were some girls very ugly?
It could have been because of Ugly men marrying ugly women.
The world should have created a law to stopped ugly people from Marrying each other. How could they not know what they were going to give the World as an offspring?

Can a vulture and a vulture give birth to an eagle? The obtainable Answer was NO, it can never be obtained, no matter what.
In my little capacity, i have managed to teach people about the rules of OBTAINABLE, UNOBTAINABLE AND OBTAINED.

Before something can be obtained, it must be obtainable. Telling me that something unobtainable was obtained was the height of stupidity and deceit.
For something to be obtained, it must first of all, change from unobtainable to Obtainable.

Human existence was guided by natural laws but like i have always emphasized, our race was indoctrinated in belief rather than research. And as soon as you tampered with their belief system, you became an enemy and they curse you, ask God to punish you and even punish you themselves if they could.

There was no way in the World two white people could give birth to a black child. There was also no way two blacks could give birth to a Chinese. These things were extremely unobtainable.

A very ugly man, seen near a very ugly woman must be sent to jail immediately, if we want our world to look fine. At worst, a fine man could marry an ugly woman; that would be Ok for me.

Hahahaha ignore my rules.

But that was why we all craved for beautiful women and handsome men to be our partners; talk of unwritten rules. Blunt#.

“The Italian man who came here with you, do you have his phone number?” I suddenly asked.

“I asked but He didn’t give it to me. He took mine and said he would call me but he never did” Queen said.

The scene inside the bathroom was like what i used to see in a movie. I never knew a woman could melt me down to the vulnerable level i found myself in, but i also knew that it would take less than a second to swing my mood if the need arose.

Novotel Hotel kept liquid soaps in their rooms. It was this soap that we poured in our body and massaged each other as if we were lovers.
The question of how this beautiful thing ended up in the street still lingered on my mind even after telling me her life history.

While we kissed and massaged, i told Queen that i loved her. Whether it was true or not was a different ball game but one strength the African men and women possessed was the ability to lie even where and when lies were not needed.

“Why do you think i am very beautiful? I am just a regular girl” she said with a smile.

“Not to me. You are more than beautiful and had it been that i also have British Passport or residence permit, i would have followed you to the UK” I said.

“You are not serious” she chipped in and stopped me from saying anything more with a kiss.

A minute after we came out of the bathtub, we walked into the room.

Queen opened her bag and brought out a body lotion. She offered it to me to rub all over my body just like she did but i refused. The set up looked suspiciously dangerous.

Why would i apply that on my body?

First of all, i didn’t use lotions and secondly, i was still suspecting that she could be a Marmaid. Rubbing the lotion all over my body could make me disappear into the Sea with her, where i would probably meet more Marmaids and possibly some of the Madams i had dealt with all over Europe.
Yes, some of them could have been Marmaids from the Sea who presented themselves as humans on earth.

Just Imagine what Madam Grace would do to me if she found me in her territory under water, where the Police and and the Army also worked for her?

Now Imagine being captured by the combination of Madam Grace, Aunty Joy, Aunty Franca, Vivian and Adesuwa inside the sea?

“Oh, Thanks but no, I don’t like lotions. If i apply this on my body, it could bleach my skin” I lied.

She didn’t ask twice, she just asked me to help apply that thing on her back.

This girl was bent on making sure i touched the lotion.

Without anything else to say, i started saying ‘Our Lord’s Prayer’ Inside my mind.

‘Our Father, who art in Heaven. Hallowed be thy name…’

As i rubbed her back with the lotion, i finished ‘Our Lord’s Prayer’ and switched to ‘Hail Mary’.

‘Hail Mary’ was even a better option. Our dear Mother Mary would never allow the Marmaids to take me to the Sea.
Whether my Prayers did the work or not, i didn’t know. All i knew was that after rubbing the lotion, i still found myself inside the Novotel Hotel room. The bottle of wine i opened earlier was still there.

It was even Queen who said “It is OK now” before i was able to stop rubbing her back. I had lost myself in the massaging that i even started combining both Prayers without knowing it.

No matter how strong we think we are, there must be moments when some things would sweep us off our balance.

The beautiful Stunning young Queen before me had turned me into a Robot. I remembered the day Maria asked me to rub Lotion on her back, I told her that if God wanted Lotion on our backs, He would have made sure our hands reached there; and that therefore she should not disturb me with such requests another day.

But there in the Novotel Hotel Room, Third Floor, Room 311, Mr Solomon Ebot, aka Zuby, aka Austin was turned into a Robot just because of a woman. A woman i didn’t know prior to that night.

“Everything in Life was designed to teach us something. Some, we Learn from them the right way but some, we learn from them the Wrong way. But however things turned out and you found yourself still breathing the next day, Praise your stars, things happened how it was supposed to happen” – Zuby 2014

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  12. There was no way in the World two white people
    could give birth to a black child. There was also no
    way two blacks could give birth to a Chinese. These
    things were extremely unobtainable.
    A very ugly man, seen near a very ugly woman
    must be sent to jail immediately, if we want our
    world to look fine. At worst, a fine man could marry
    an ugly woman; that would be Ok for me. lol

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