97: The Last Girl – Don’t Wake me Up

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“You are going to Amsterdam with me in the morning” I said as i walked to the magnificent bathroom of the hotel room.

“What, are you serious?” Queen shouted as she jumped up and followed me to the bathroom.

“How much money do you have now?” I asked.

“I have 3200 Euros in my bag plus the 500 you will give me. That is 3700 Euros” she said without thinking twice.

The little beautiful thing was excited at the promise of following me to Amsterdam.

She was definitely good with calculations. Inside her mind, she already believed she was going to get 500 Euros from me. Not after all the money i was spending on her and the hotel room. Her only saviour would be if i eventually decided to take her to Amsterdam, which i would do anyday without thinking twice.

“With a little more money, the amount would be enough to take care of your expenses in Nigeria. First of all, we need to draw a plan on how things could possibly turn out for you in Nigeria. But we will do that in Amsterdam. I came in here to take my bath, you can now go back to the room” i said with a smile.

Right inside my mind, i wanted her to stay in the bathroom. The truth was that i wanted her to stay wherever i was. She was so beautiful that i even forgot about food. I would stay hungry for days just to be with Queen.
I was trying to hold myself and play the boss but anybody who knew me before that incident would know that i was jittery.

“I will take my bath now as well” She said as she started to remove her clothes, even before me.

Was this a dream or what?

Her pullover flew out of her head and revealed a light long sleeve inner wear that fitted in her slim body as if it was manufactured just for her.

The pointing boobs on her chest, shook slightly as if the gods touched it.

What the hell was happening. I prayed to God not to turn that moment into a dream. And even if it was a dream, i would kill anybody who woke me up from it.

There was no need asking her to leave the bathroom. It was her choice to stay; her decision. We lived in a free World and it would be such a bad thing to deny a beautiful girl her request.

I was still fixated to the situation when she started removing the light body fit blouse.

She wore no bra. She wore a tiny neck Chain. Her skin looked like something that never got exposed to hardship.
To crown it all, she placed a smile on her face while she removed the blouse.

If Queen was Olokun, I would gladly follow her to whatever Sea she lived.

But The bathtub in the Novotel hotel room was not big enough for us to live forever.
Even the Tiny Nemo fish wouldn’t be able to get to the Sea through the small water escape holes.
So, In reality, i knew we weren’t going anywhere near the sea soon.

“Are you going to bath with your clothes on?” that accent again.

“Uhm, why not. Why?” I smiled.

Enough! That bad part of my mind shouted at me.
‘Why are you behaving like this?’ I heard inside my head.

Then my expressions suddenly changed from the soft Loving admirer of Queen to the stiff mean Working machine i was.

I went close to Queen and unbuttoned her Jean trouser. Then i pulled it down slowly until her legs came out of the cloth.
Like a gentle man, i picked up all her clothes and took them to the room.

By the time i returned, her underpants was already off and she was washing it in the tub.

Her frail young body stood in front of me. As i looked at her, i wondered if she was really a human being or Marmaid.

Does this Marmaid thing really existed? Because if they did, then i was currently with one of them.

How could life be so cruel to that beauty? Why did death have to snatch her Parents away from her at such a young age?
But then, death was a blind whirlwind that sees or knows no one. The only thing we humans could do was just to follow it whenever it came.

Without being told, I pulled off my boxers. I had removed my Jean and Tops when i went to keep her clothes in the room.

For some reasons, i decided that i won’t touch Queen. I was going to play the perfect gentleman. I would even resist if she made any move on me.
We were going together to the Kingdom of Netherlands where i still owned an apartment; though it was going to expire in about three weeks, but it was still mine.

It wouldn’t matter if Chigbo and his thugs still searched for me around the Almere apartment, i was returning there as soon as i got to Bijlmer.

If my new Queen needed a home, she already had one waiting for her.

By the time i was done removing my Boxers, Queen has finished washing her underpants. She made sure there was no water in it before spreading it on top of the electric heater. Then she walked into the bathtub where i was already balancing the hot and cold water to get the needed mixture for our bath.

I felt a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around and saw her smiling.

“What?” I asked with a smile.

“Shut up and give me a kiss”.

Did i hear that well?

I was still trying to analyse what she said when her mouth closed in on mine.
Although i was determined to uphold my rule of ‘No touching and no sex’ with Her. But when i felt that sumptuous kiss, i abandoned my rules and faced the reality.

It was my rule and it was me breaking it. The head of the goat was still inside the bag of the goat.

If by the next day, i didn’t wake up, i would have lived enough.

As my hand circled around her slim waist, my phone started ringing in the room.

Witch! Whoever it was calling me at that moment would be designated as a witch as soon as i know him or her.

“Forget the phone baby” Queen said with a smile.

I smiled at her too.
Who on earth would go for his phone in such condition?
What if he returned after the girl must have decided that she won’t kiss again?
Recipe for anger.

“I will never forget you if you help me out with this documents issue” She said.

The Witch has started calling again and the ringing tone kept rising. I wondered if the volume was increasing itself.

Wait until i know who it was.

” When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity. Yet you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others”

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