97: The Kingdom Of Fear

Life was about to start all over again. I was disheartened to finally agree and come to terms that the man i once loved so much turned out to be my downfall.
What i was doing as business may not have been the right one, but in life, we never expected our loved ones to betray us, no matter what the issue was.

I had decided to forget about Zuby, though it was extremely difficult to achieve that. He would definitely appear to my mind each time i need money.
Being broke would remind me of how i was and who made me what i was presently.

The news from Milan didn’t bother me anymore. I have decided that finding Zuby would be difficult for me since my resources were getting low. It was better that i start to build on what remained instead of spending them searching for a man whom i didn’t even know how he would react if i found him.

When Kingsley called me from Milan, i told him that i am no longer interested in the case. He accused me of being in partnership with Zuby and said all kinds of nonsense. He also threatened to spread the news to the Italian Mamas, that i was part of Zuby’s grand plan.
I wasn’t worried or scared, Madam Philo knew what happened and she would tear anybody who attempted to come after me.

Precious my apartment mate was a good girl. She knew what happened to me and how depressed i was. As a result, she would buy me milk and ice cream and cleaned the house alone. She consoled me all the time, urging me to forget the past and move on. She also reminded me that Zuby could contact me any time since his mission was just to take the girls out of prostitution.

On one of those consolation days, Precious managed to ask what i would do if Zuby showed up in my life all of a sudden.
“I will kill him instantly” I had answered.

“No, you wont kill him. First of all, he wont allow you to kill him, secondly, you seem to still have a feeling for him. Maybe you will forget all that happened in the past and embrace him if he shows up again” Precious said.

I brushed and kept quiet. It was almost impossible to imagine a situation where Zuby would return to hold me in his arms. The little flash romance we had in Castel Volturno was difficult to forget as well, but i had no option than to move on with my life.

I started looking for work. There were stores that required cheap workers all over the town. I chose KFC, an American Chicken restaurant not far from where i lived.
The salary wasn’t big but the job kept me from sitting in one place all day long, thinking of someone whom i didn’t know if he was still alive or has been killed by the association of Italian and Paris Mamas.
They were apparently after him and if he was captured by chance, he could be killed.
I knew he was good at evading his pursuers but he was just a human being like everyone else. He was bound to make one unplanned move that would lead to his capture.

The latest news from Precious was that Zuby succeeded in taking Esther away from Italy. Rumour Had it that he sent her to the UK. Some said he sent her to America.
The world of the Italian Mamas became quiet for a while, Fear gripped everyone of them in town. They were jittery because someone out there has started to disturb their business.
The Teenage girls were beginning to know that Olokun and the other deities had no powers whatsoever. No death has been heard of Naomi, Ngozi or Esther. They were alive wherever they were. Olokun wasn’t able to do anything to them or worse still, do anything to the single man who was responsible for the cold atmosphere in the Edo Prostitution Industry all over France and Italy.

News came from Portugal days after i returned from Milan. According to precious, a girl named Jennifer has gone missing in Portugal since 2006. She was taken away by her boyfriend and the Madam Grace who owned the girl did everything she could to stop them but Jennifer followed the boyfriend and left Portugal.
Some said they were now living happily in Spain, some said they traveled to Denmark while a version of the news said that they both returned to Nigeria to get married and live there.
Since all the stories didn’t point to Zuby, it became clear to us that some one else was also stealing teenage girls from their Madams.
There was pandemonium in the prostitution kingdom. The Madams do not know where to send their girls to keep them away from Zuby and the other men who were stealing them.
Paris was no longer safe. Napoli was in danger of being the next target city. Castel Volturno was a small city when compared to Paris, therefore we doubted that the thieves would come there.
Zuby was there by chance, his mission wasn’t to come and take my girls away, he was there to rest and go into courtship with me. I was sure, he told me. It was one of the reasons why it was difficult for me to hate him. He meant good for me, he wanted me.

Back when we met in Amsterdam, he made a statement that surprised me. He said i was the only girl after his heart for very long. He said he would have married me if we were still in Nigeria. He said that when he come to my place in Italy, he would learn more about me. He made me believe that we were meant for each other. He gave me so much hope of living forever with a man after my heart.
He meant it.
It was just unfortunate that he hated seeing teenage girls, walking up and down the streets with their short skirts and transparent blouses, looking for men who would sleep with them and give them money.
He thought it was wrong and he decided to stop as many of them as he could. It was logical that he dealt with me too because it would have been hypocritical if he took girls from other Mamas and left mine for me.
But like i was warned by his actions back in Benin City and Lagos Nigeria, he didn’t mind the fact that we were lovers. He just planned his way and disappeared with my money and my girls.

The result was that i now hardly save enough money to travel, let alone buy good things like i did before.

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