96: Reasons Why I Cried

It took over an hour before Kingsley arrived. He said he just received another call from the Kidnapper and that he was asked to come to the Porta Nova business district immediately.

“I was calling you to tell you that Zuby could not stay in this hotel but my call was being diverted” I said to Kingsley.

“Zuby, who is Zuby?” He asked.

I laughed. “Zuby is that Solomon you are looking for. His real name is Zuby and he is my boyfriend” I said.

Kingsley stood and stared at me for several seconds.

“What exactly is going on?” He asked.

I gave him a brief story of how i got mixed up in the mess and why i was after Zuby.
After my little narration, he said we should go to the business district to wait for Zuby. His logic was that if Zuby wasn’t there, he was most likely going to show up there one way or the other.

We left the hotel and went to the Porta Nova. The massive area was lively as the evening approached. I had managed to get Zuby’s latest phone number from Kingsley but he warned me not to call him. He said that the moment Zuby knows that i was in Milan, he could disappear without trace.
I had no more option than to follow Kingsley around, he knew Milan better than i did and he was a kind of physical security for me. Ano could pop up from nowhere and if that happened, i needed someone to calm things down first.

We spent the entire evening hanging from one store to the other. When Kingsley called Esther, Zuby answered. He warned Kingsley to stop calling.

The evening was getting late and we were considering our next move when someone called Kingsley from Monza. After taking the call, Kingsley turned to me and said, “It was al a diversion. The bastard has been to my apartment in Monza with Esther. My neighbour just called and said he even pursued them.”

“I told you it was a diversion. Zuby thinks ahead most of the time. Sometimes he makes people do the opposite of what was required. If you listened to me, we could have seen them by now, even though i don’t know what we would do to them when we see them” I said out loud enough to anger Kingsley.

I was angry and it was visible. Back in the afternoon, i had told Kingsley that we should go to Monza but he refused. I told him that Zuby could have diverted his attention out of his apartment but he insisted that there was nothing important Zuby would want to do in his apartment.
I had no option than to wait since i didn’t know where Kingsley lived and since i was a total stranger, i could not ask him to tell me where he lived in Monza.

Out of anger, i left Kingsley and returned to my hotel. There was no need waiting for Zuby at the Porta Nova, he was never going to show up there. He has gotten whatever he came to do in Milan; he has Esther and i doubted he would want to show up in any public place.

As i lay on my bed and considered the next thing to do, I got a call from Kingsley. He said he saw a man and Esther walking slowly ahead of him and that he was going to attack them.
From his description of the man with Esther, it was Zuby.

“Wait, don’t attack him, he is dangerous. Just follow…” I was saying when Kingsley cut the call.

Every effort i made to reach him on the phone again didn’t work, he didn’t answer his calls. I didn’t know exactly where they where, therefore it was difficult to know where to go looking for them but since he said he saw Zuby with his eyes, i was going out to the Porta Nova.

Before i got to the Porta Nova, there was no trace of Zuby or Kingsley.
After five attempts to call Kingsley, he didn’t answer. I didn’t call Zuby, i was sure he wasn’t going to take strange calls at that critical time.
The Porta Nova was already closing up for the night and people were leaving the place in droves. I had no option than to leave to.

I was back in the hotel when Kingsley called. He said he just left the police station and was told to return to Spain where his residents permit originated.

He also said Zuby was told to return to France in two days.

“France? His residents permit is from Portugal. That was what he told me and i have seen it” I said.

“No, his residents permit is from Paris and it is new; i saw it with my eyes” Kingsley said.

There was no need doubting him, It could be that Zuby just picked up another residents permit in France. That was even the worst news for me, he now has access to two different permits from different countries. That meant that he could just disappear to anywhere without trace.

My money was going down, it remained my transport money back to Castel Volturno. It was important that i left Milan Immediately. The war has been lost once more. If i managed to pay for anything again, that could mean having to beg for transport money back to Castel Volturno. As a result, i called Precious my friend and told her that i would be coming down in the night. I warned her to keep her phone with her at all times.

Leaving Milan left me devastated. My mission was a failure. I would have been happy if i had managed to see the devil with my eyes but i didn’t. It was nearly impossible to know where to look for him.
He had Esther and he had money, he knew the routes that connected one country from the other all over Europe. All he needed to do was just to take the route he thought his pursuers wont think about, then he would be gone before you know it.

I was sure he left Ngozi somewhere in France but i was also sure it wasn’t Paris. France has many large cities; Lyon, Marseille, Strassbourg, Monaco, Toulouse, Tuolon, Metz, Bastia and hundreds of others. Zuby could have hidden Ngozi in any of the places and searching for her was more like searching for a needle in the haystack. The worst part of it all was that searching for Ngozi wasn’t the problem, the problem was that she has been brainwashed by Zuby. Convincing her to return to prostitution was going to be impossible because Zuby must have shown her love, he could have even slept with her.
That alone made me cry.

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