96: Good to be good

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hvitserkur Iceland

hvitserkur Iceland


On the afternoon of the following Monday, Max Schneider called and asked where i was. He drove to the Flughafen Strasse and picked me up at the Akunne store. Some Igbo boys in the shop watched as i paid for my drinks, opened the passenger door of the Posche Cayenne and entered. We drove to Potsdamer platz and parked in the garage under the Sony Center.
The Sony Center was a massive glass house that stood visibly from many sides of Berlin. We took the lift to an expensive bar and ordered for drinks. While i drank Whisky, Max drank Orange juice. He said there was football training in the evening. He was polite and fun to be with.
“I was happy when Jennifer told me about you. We met in a supermarket and she told me how she came to live in Berlin. She is a nice girl” Max said and smiled.
“Sure Max, she is a nice girl. I brought her to Berlin because i lived in Brandenburg before going to Lisbon where i found her. I could have married her but you beat me to it. Thanks for the money you gave me yesterday. Its a such a big amount of money in this bad economic time” i said.
“Its nothing, don’t worry about it. When we started dating, you were the only person she talked about all the time. She came home sometimes with some money and showed me receipts from western union money transfer. She always said they came from you but each time i told her to call you so that i could tell you to stop sending her money, she would say that she didn’t even know where you lived or that she didn’t have your phone number. I also wanted to know what your relationship with her was. I have asked her in numerous occasions but she maintained that there was nothing between you two. She eventually told me that you are not the father of her son. I have contacted the father of her son and told him about Jennifer but i found out that they were not engaged or married. I wanted things to be very clear because a small scandal could derail our career and it was usually difficult to recover” he said.

I told Max that there was nothing to fear about me.
“I have managed to rescue some other girls from the harsh realities of European streets. I left three in Marseille the way i left Jennifer in Berlin. I also sent one to London and another to Dublin. The whole rescue thing started with Jennifer. She newly arrived in Europe then and it was very easy to find out that she never wanted street life, that was why I had to send her out of Lisbon. Now that she is going to have a better resident permit, I hope you will send her to school” i said.
“Sure, she will go to school if she wants” he said.
He said he knew about Ify in Dublin but didn’t really know that it was me who sent her there. He made me understand that he called Ify a few days ago and asked her to tell me to stop sending money to Jennifer. I wondered why Ify didn’t tell me about that. Peharps she wanted me to send some money to her and instruct her to send some to Jennifer before she gives me the news. Unfortunately for her, that information she hid from me would delay her income a bit.
Max and i spoke until around 17:00. I eventually told him that he was lucky to have Jennifer.
“The last time i called Jennifer, i told her that i was coming to Berlin to pick her and the baby up but that was when she told me that she was getting married to you. It was the reason why i decided to pay her the last respect by being present at her Wedding. Fortunately for me, ten grand was waiting in a brown envelope for me” i had said and we laughed.

Max left Potsdamer platz alone. He had offered to drop me back to Flughafen Strasse but i told him that i wanted to go to the Berlin Wall in Unter den Linden and have some fun.

The Berlin wall and the Brandenburger Tor were two iconic WW2 places that hosted thousands of tourists daily. I went there with a public bus and walked around until i got tired. I went back to Akunne’s store where numerous mouths were eager to know who had taken me away with a Posche Cayenne. Since i didn’t want them to have any connection with Jennifer and her new family, i told them that the guy in the car was Arne Fredrisch, a popular German football national team left back who played for Hertha Berlin. Some believed while some didn’t; i didn’t care since the objective was not to reveal who Max was. I bought them some more beers and went home.

That same night around 19:00, i took a cab to Kaiserdam bus station and took a night bus back to France. Rather than stopping in Paris, i took the bus going to Marseille.
I was going to head to Scandinavia as soon as possible but i needed to encourage Esther to either go to school in Marseille or send her to the UK.

I got to Marseille and called Naomi, “I am in Marseille now but i am going to a hotel. I will call you when i settle down. Come with Esther when i call. Tell her that i am back in Marseille and wanted her to come with her belongings. She is going to the UK” i said.
I asked about her boyfriend Eric and she said he was fine. Ngozi has gone back to the camp to complete her process.

Naomi skipped school that morning and came with Esther to my hotel. I could have gone to Sweden from Germany but since some extra cash came to me in Berlin, i decided to tidy up Esther’s affairs before going anywhere.
I had gone down and brought them up to my large room which had made me €70 poorer.
They both took turns to hug me before sitting down.
“I returned from Berlin this morning. Like i told you girls, i went for a wedding. It was the wedding of the first person i rescued from the streets. See her pictures here” I said as i handed some pictures of Jennifer and her husband to Naomi.
“This is why i want you girls to be free. It will allow you to chose how to live and who to live with. If Jennifer is still paying her madam, she would not have been allowed to pursue her own life. She could have been ageing by the time she finds out what was happening to her. She gave me big money when i was leaving Berlin. I am not ever going to ask any of you for money but if any of you became big in future, i won’t reject anything from you including money” i said and we laughed.

I gave Naomi €1000 and she left some hours later after asking me to take it easy with Esther.

Esther had relaxed. After the small news about Jennifer’s marriage, she found out that there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore she pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me.The act was usually sweeter when both parties were happy.
Your guess is going to be right.

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