95: The Last Girl – Olokun at Last

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We were already in the Hotel Reception.

“I don’t like this hotel, its too cheap” Queen said.

“Then we go get another one i said.

As soon as she said she didn’t like the hotel, i started making budgets of a hotel room that would cost atleast 100 Euros.

The Novotel Hotel Sign was down the major road but i hated Novotel. The only time i ventured into their brand in Germany, i had to pay 250 Euros.
If that was what it was going to cost me to sleep with Queen that night; fine.

“Lets go to the Novotel down the road” I said.

“What about your bag?” She asked.

“I didn’t come here with any luggage, lets go” I said as i carefully held her right arm and pulled her slightly towards the exit.
She didn’t resist my grip.

WTF! Why didn’t i do that all along?

“Your palm is very soft” She said.

“Yea, I use the best cream available in the market” I boasted.

“That’s good. I use expensive creams too. What is the name of your cream?”

Here we go. Why did i have to initiate this cream crap?

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed”

Truth was that i didn’t use cream. I didn’t even know the names of expensive creams, i would have just mentioned one.

But we were in France, the World’s capital of cosmetics. There has to be a name stuck away somewhere in my head.

“Dove” I said. That was the first thing that came to my mind and in this game of boasting, one was never required to waste much time in responding.

Of course i knew of the Dove soap. I had been seeing it in every super market and mall in Europe. And somehow, i believed that every soap company had to be manufacturing some kind of body cream too.

“Dove, their creams are crap” She said.

We had busted back to the major road and was now walking down towards the Novotel Sign.

“I meant the Dove Hand cream, not even the body cream” I said.
It had started to come to my memory. Dove produced hand soaps and hand cream. I believed i had used their product in the past.
But whatever it was, Queen wasn’t going to find out i didn’t care about creams. I was silly to venture into the women territory without thinking.
I guessed there was still tension all over me.

If i was superstitious, i would have believed that Queen was a marmaid. It did cross my mind once or twice that Olokun had finally caught up with me in the form of a beautiful girl. But the way i saw it, if Queen was really the Olokun, then i wouldn’t mind dying in her hands. It was better than dying in the hands of an Ugly girl and still end up in the same grave.
At least if there was an After life, i would be proud to announce to my fellow after lifers, that i was killed by the most beautiful girl i ever met when i was living in the other divide.

The thought reminded me of The Story of Job in the Bible. This hardworking Job was tried by God almighty to test his faith. I believe God allowed the devil to take everything Job had and make him suffer. Job was told to denounce God and regain his wealth but he refused.
In that context, Job was also running for a spot in the Kingdom of God and so was King David. But while Job suffered, King David was busy sleeping with every beautiful woman he lay his eyes on. He even went to the extent of sending a man to the war front to be killed so that he could marry his wife.
We on Earth were all told that both Job and David eventually made it to Heaven.

Now that the Situation of Job and David presented itself to me in the form of Olokun, It was better that i followed the idea of David. I would go and sleep with Queen and if she happened to be the Olokun girl, fine with me.
Like i have always said, one thing would kill a man.

“Have you been to this hotel before?” I suddenly asked. We were almost at the magnificent entrance door.
I didn’t even care if the Madams would spot me walking casually in the street of Paris. Any Madam who dared to interrupt that beautiful moment would have to reproduce the moment when the war was over, unless i was killed.

Every fool in town was supposed to know that it wasn’t a cheap hotel. It wasn’t built for an Illegal Aliens like me but with money, Even Angel Gabriel and Lucifer could have a talk again.

“Yea, i have been here once. With an Italian man from Sicily” She said.

Here we go. Why couldn’t this girl just tell me she was there to look around? Must she tell me she came with a man?

“How much did he pay for a room?” I asked.

“I don’t know, he was already lodged here before we met” She said.

“How old are you?” I suddenly asked.

“17” Queen said.
That was one good thing with Europeans and the rest of the west. They usually tell you their age without much fuss.
Ask an Igbo girl the same question and you would have to suffer for days or even promise to buy a Blackberry phone before you get the correct one.

“Don’t you think you are too young for this business?” I asked.

“What else can i do?” She said as we walked towards the reception payment desk.

“We need a room Sir” I said to the gentleman receptionist who wore an expensive Hugo Boss Suit.

He switched on a bill board where all the room and suit prices were written.

From the top, i screened the prices.

1 – Super Standard Suit Presidential (SSSP): 5600 Euros.

2 – Super Standard Suit Sports (SSSS) 5200 Euros.

‘Lets go, they don’t have rooms for Africans’ I nearly said to Queen but somehow, i decided to scan down to the bottom.

There it was, a room for 350 Euros.
That was the cheapest thing on the board.
If i was alone, i would tell the receptionist that i forgot my wallet in the car, then i would disappear from there but since a beautiful girl was right there with me, i decided to uphold my pride; though it was going to be the cheapest room there.

“Give us the ‘Normal Deluxe room’ down there” I said as i pointed to the bottom of the billboard.

Thank Heavens i haven’t paid Queen yet. We would renegotiate the one night price when we got to the room.
Otherwise she would have to either go back immediately or call the Police.

As for me, i was sleeping in the room that night with or without her.

” I just like the company of beautiful women. I have a weakness in that department”

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