95: The Diversion

The news filtered in that Esther traveled to Italy; Milan to be precise.
The information came through Agnes.
It was very easy to know that Zuby must have heard it as well, he knew how to get information before others.
It also meant that he could be heading to Milan as well.

The best thing for me to do was to head straight to Milan and see if i could pick up any information about him.
The problem was that among all the Italian cities, Milan was the one i feared the most and that was where the advanced party were headed.
I stole money from my boyfriend who lived in Milan and since then, i never entered Milan center during the day time. If i was to go looking for Zuby, i could stumble on Ano, my ex boyfriend and if that happened, my news would become worse than what it currently was.

I had been crying over what Zuby did, thinking that my world has come to an end but the moment i remembered Ano, i remembered that there were some things that could be worse than the situation i was.
Yet i was going to Milan, i had no option than to go there if i had any hope of finding Zuby. I had attempted to send people to capture him but i failed.
If i got lucky, i would locate him by myself and i would ask him to forgive whatever i did or said to him in the past.

On the evening of that same day, i left Paris and took a fast train to Milan. It was midnight before we arrived at the Majestic Milan Central Train Station. I wasn’t scared of seeing Ano at that time of the night, he couldnt be out there by that time. I even had a quick thought that Ano could have left Milan long ago. I didn’t see any good reason where he should have remained in the city after being arrested and detained by the Police unless he was exonerated from the drug charges.

At Milan, i found a cheap hotel and paid for two nights, then i found a black man and asked him where i could find the prostitute’s joints in Central Milan. He directed me to where black girls worked.

I got the the place and approached one of the Edo girls working there. Her name was Michel; very unfriendly. She didn’t want to answer my questions until i told her that i wasn’t there to work with them.

Michel said she didn’t know any Esther. I told her that the girl arrived in Milan about one day go and that she couldnt have started work or become known around the place.
Michel eventually directed me to another area where black girls worked, she said i could get lucky there and found Esther.

I left the first place and took a can to the second place. No one claimed to know Esther except one girl called Rose.
Rose said she met Esther in Monza earlier in the day but that since the girl was new, she refused to go to work that same day.

Rose gave me hope that i was finally going to see Esther. My hope of seeing Zuby has just been re-ignited. No doubt in my mind, Esther would lead me directly to Zuby unless Zuby see me first. That was the kind of person he was, he managed to see his enemies first at All times. The only problem was that he could decide to do something bad to me if he sees me first. There was no way to tell him that i wasn’t in Milan for war except if i see Esther first. Esther was my only hope and since Rose said she knew where to find Esther, i decided to stick around and wait for her to finish work. When it was apparent that there was no need waiting for Rose, i picked up her phone number and returned to my hotel. I promised to call her the next day so she could take me to Monza where she said Esther lived with a man named Kingsley.

Through the rest of the night, i remained awake. There was nothing to make me sleep; my money was out there, floating all over Italy and France with a man i once thought was going to be my husband.
As i lay on my bed, i wondered if it was still possible to live with Zuby. I didn’t know everything about him but if his intention was truly to liberate the teenage girls from the cold streets of Europe, he would definitely forgive me if i could convince him that i was no longer interested in prostitution business. The only problem was that it would almost be impossible for him to trust me. He would believe that i could kill him and that was just the truth. As careful as he was about everything, he was never going to allow me close to him again.
The next day would determine so many things.

Around 11am the next day, i called Rose. She said she was still at home in Monza and that she has tried to reach Esther to no avail. She asked me to wait a little longer while she go to where Esther lived and find out what was going on.

When Rose called me back, she said Esther was missing.

“I just got to Kinsgley’s place now, he said one man called him and said he kidnapped Esther. They are there in Milan but nobody knows the place he is hiding her” Rose finished.

I nearly had a laugh when Rose gave me the news. It seemed Zuby has struck again. Who else could have Kidnapped Esther if not Zuby? Franca must be rolling on the floor up there in Paris when she hear the news.

Before Rose cut the call, i asked her to send me Kingsley’s phone number. When i called Kingsley and introduced myself to him, he said Madam Franca mentioned about me.

“Where can i meet you in Monza?” I asked Kingsley.

He said there was no need for me to come to Monza.
“The man said he is holding Esther at Novotel hotel in Central Milan, i am going there in an hour. You can find the place and wait for me there.”

What Kingsley said looked like a Diversion. If Zuby was holding Esther at the Novotel, there was no way he could have mentioned it on the phone. I was beginning to know how he thinks.

Before i could tell Kingsley that it could be a diversion, he cut the call. When i tried to call him back, the number kept being diverted; i gave up and found a cab to Novotel Hotel, it was time to wait for Kingsley.
As i sat in the hotel reception, i had a feeling that Zuby couldnt pay to stay in that place, although he had money with him; my money.

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