94: The God Of Prostitution

In the morning after i heard the news about Zuby and Either in Paris, i bought an Easy Jet flight ticket to Paris. It was time to go and see if i could see Zuby there.
Two things motivated me to go to Paris; one was that i wanted to meet Zuby and tell him that the Italian Mamas would kill him. I planned to give him stories of how men who tried to steal Edo girls ended up.
Secondly i wanted to see if he could give me some money back, I needed money and that was just the plain fact. I would be glad if i recovered up to 3000 Euros from him, It would go a long way in keeping me comfortable before i was able to find something else to do. I would beg him on my knees if that was what it would take.

I took off from Napoli and flew to Paris Orly Airport. I had called a girl whom Precious told about me, Her name was Agnes.
Agnes was going to be my host for as long as i wished to stay in Paris.

Out of the Orly Airport, i took the train to Central Paris where Agnes lived.
The latest news in town was that Esther was still missing.
According to Agnes, Esther was kidnapped and still under the custody of one Mr. Solomon.

“She was not kidnapped. She willingly followed him” I said as i sat down on the Sofa.

“What do you mean, how do you know that?” Agnes asked.

“I know Solomon, he is my boyfriend” I said.

She stood up and looked at me as if i was part of the plan to kidnap Esther.

“So its your boyfriend that is chasing all the girls away in Marcadet. Do you know that since yesterday, many Madams have taken their girls away from going to the street. They said the Solomon has taken away two girls before and now he returned to take Esther away” Agnes was still standing up.

“Calm down, he took my girls away too. That’s why i am here” I said.

“I think you need to see Aunty Franca. She may have one or two things to discuss with you” Agnes said.

When she called, Franca agreed to meet with me.
Since her place was not too far, we took Bus 41 to the Clichy area where she lived.

Aunty Franca was ready to welcome us. She offered a bottle of wine and some snacks.

“Aunty,” I began, “My name is Maria and I am from Ekpoma. The Solomon who took your girl away is my boyfriend. I met him in Nigeria last year and when he returned to Europe, he came looking for me in Italy. She proposed marriage to me and i accepted. He gave me this ring.” I stretched my finger.

“Wow, so what happened, why is he taking away our girls?” Franca asked.

“I don’t know. Just last week, he ran away with one of my girls and came to France. I came here to see if i can locate them or atleast locate my girl. Her name is Ngozi” I said.

“It is going to be difficult to find your girl. Esther said Solomon used charm on her and that if not that the God she serve is powerful, he could have taken her away. He must have used the charm on your girl. That is why i urge the girls to be prayerful” Franca said.

I didn’t want to listen to the charm crap. Zuby was with me for Sometime, he slept with me and i went through his things many times. There was no charm whatsoever unless he swallowed it in his stomach which i doubted.
I also didn’t want to believe in the prayerful line. We were among the greatest sinners of our time. We were the prostitutes who used our God-Given bodies to make money. We violated every moral behaviour a woman should exhibit. We abused ourselves and abused our God. How on earth do i have to believe that Esther escaped Zuby because of her prayers. She simply decided to go away and that was what happened.

“Where is Esther now?” I asked.

The way Franca looked at me suggested that she thought i could be working for Solomon.
In a way, the question i asked was a bad one. I already claimed that Solomon was my boyfriend, therefore i needed to be wary of what i say about him.

“Why do you want to know?” Franca asked.

“I just want to see if i could find out anything from her that could help lead me to him. He also stole my money before he left my place in Italy” I said.

Franca relaxed. “Esther is not in France at the moment. I sent her away but i don’t think i can tell you where she is now” Franca said.

I told her that i understand why she took the decision. I also told her that i would be on the look out for Solomon and if i ever found him, she would be the first person to know.

Back at the apartment of Agnes, i answered numerous questions. Agnes wanted to know everything, she said she heard i had been to Nigeria and that i owned two girls before Zuby destroyed me. It was while telling her everything Zuby did, that i began to understand what was happening.

Mr. Zuby was apparently after teenage girls. All the girls he took away were below 18.
Agnes had asked why it was only small girls that he liked.

“He doesn’t like them. I think he is sending them out of prostitution and we are helping him to achieve that. He took large money from me and from what Franca said, he also took money from her when he took Naomi away. The whole thing is making more sense now” I said.

“But why would he want to send the girls away from the streets, what is his business and concern with our work?” Agnes asked.

I looked at her. “I don’t know. Maybe he thinks it is the right thing to do. The truth is that what we are doing here is not right. It is true we are making some money out of it but still it is not right. We sleep with hundreds of unknown men just to make money for our Madams. I think Solomon is angry with us. We would not have been into this mess if we didn’t join the prostitution business. I am returning to Italy soon and when i get there, i will find something else to be doing. It over for me” I said as tears started running down from my eyes.

Agnes didn’t console me, she just sat there and wondered if i was alright at all. She didn’t believe an Edo girl could say something bad about Prostitution in Europe; it was the only thing she knew how to do but for me, my prostitution life was permanently over.

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    Maria has learnt her lesson “it doesn’t matter how many times u fell down what matters most is how fast u got up”

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