92: no where in mind

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I drove out of the compound and headed towards Badagry. I had nowhere in mind but I wanted to go away from the house as far as I could drive.

From inside the car, I called Mr Chukwudi.

”Why you dey call me, I told you it will be ready in two weeks. No be yesterday Abi day before yesterday you gave me money? No disturb me because of two hundred thousand again” he shouted in few seconds and cut the line off.

The bastard had already started to exhibit all the characteristics of a thief.
First he had changed from Igbo language and switched to Pidgin English.

Secondly, he had started shouting even when I didn’t tell him why I called him.
the hand writing was all over the wall and it was left for me to act as fast as I could.

After his call, I called Johnson in Germany and told him what was happening between me and Mr Chukwudi.
He was angry and asked what I wanted to do about it. I told him that I could go to the wharf but there was no guarantee of seeing Mr Chukwudi there. However, we can engage him with another business until the two weeks and then catch him like a rat that he was.
He asked how I wanted to do that and I told him.

”Use my money you got from Akunne and buy L300 bus. Load it with some goods and send it to Apapa wharf. Let me know when you finish. We will continue from there” I told him.

I drove to Seme border and packed my car. I wanted to go into Cotonou to buy Whiskey but I didn’t know if they used a different kind of Driver’s licence. I didn’t want the troubles of the corrupt Nigerian customs, therefore I crossed the border and took a cab to Cotonou.
When I reached the Tokpa market, I bought 6 bottles of JW, 4 Elliots and some bottles of wine.
I went back to Seme border with them and hired a custom official to cross them for me… He did.. I gave him a bottle of Elliot and N1000. He was all thanks as I loaded them in my car and drove back on top speed to Ojo.

On my way home, Zainab called. She asked what time I would come to pick her up as I had promised.
I was running out of Excuses to give the girl but I was not going to Unilag that afternoon.

”Can you come to my house please, I am not in the mood to drive” I had said.

She agreed to come with a cab but said she had no money. I told her that I would pay.

She came two hours later and met the carefully arranged whiskey bottle on my center table. I had not taken them inside the room.
I had gone down and gave Issa N2500 for the cab and returned upstairs. I had also called and told Zainab to get the money from gate man when she arrived.

”What are you doing with all this” she said while looking at the bottles.

”they are for sale Sweetheart, do you know any customer that could buy from me” I joked. She believed that I was going to sell them.

She sat beside me and caressed my chest as we lied about how much we had missed each other.

”We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we are not alone”

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