92: The night Eurolines

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The Tal India

The Tal India

Chapter 92.

On that Friday Night, i took the taxi to the Central Bus station in Gallieni Paris. It was where the buses heading to every part of Europe loaded up. I got to the bus station and bought a two way ticket to Berlin at €120. I recalled that one of the silly mistakes i made while going to Berlin with easy jet airline was that i didn’t buy a return ticket. The immigration officers were usually more convinced about your visit if you had a return ticket to wherever you came from.

Our Euroline bus left for Berlin around 20:00 in the night. We drove in the night through Belgium, Holland and Hanover until we got to Berlin around 6:00 the next morning. There wasn’t any kind of Control on the road until we got to Berlin. I got down from the bus and took the U-2 underground train line from Kaiserdamm to Alexanderplatz, then i got down and entered the U-8 to BoddinStrasse. I got out of the station and walked a few minutes to Akunne’s Shop, it was still closed. I stopped a taxi and drove down the valley to Hermanstrasse where i found a hotel.
“Guten Morgen” the receptionist said.
“I need a hotel room for two nights” I said in Germany. As soon as i spoke the language, i realized that it was a mistake.
The receptionist asked for my passport.
“I don’t have it with me” I said.
He said that he can’t give me a room if i didn’t provide my ID.
I left the hotel and stopped another taxi. He was calling me back as i walked outside but i already made up my mind to leave. Unfortunately i spoke German to him which would require some kind of explanations if i gave him my French Permit card. Like i once mentioned, every German citizen was a police whether official or unofficial. The receptionist could call Police for me by mere finding out that my passport was stamped non-entry just the day before at the Berlin-schonefeld airport.
‘I am not going to give anybody my passport, if they won’t take my permit card, then i would find another alternative’ i thought as i jumped into a taxi and headed back to FlughaffenStrasse where i had come from.
I located a coffee bar and entered.
“Give me a cup of coffee” I said to the lady behind the counter.
She nodded and poured the black steaming liquid inside a cup and handed it to me.
“Zwei Euro” she said.
“What?” i asked.
“Two Euro” she repeated in English. I wasn’t going to answer anything in German again.
I handed her a €5 note and collected my change from her.
As i waited with coffee, i called Kenneth and told him that i was in Berlin. He doubted it until i told him that i sneaked in with the eurolines bus. He asked where i was and when i told him, he came there with a taxi and asked that we go to his new apartment. He had managed to secure a one-room apartment close to Boddinstrasse underground station.
“It looks like there is something important you came to do in Berlin. They stopped you at the airport, you went back and returned here as quickly as a bird” Kenneth had said as soon as i removed my sports Shoes.
“Yea, a friend of mine is having a wedding here in Berlin today” I said.
“Do you mean the girl you brought to Berlin in 2006” he said.
I told him that it was her and asked if he knew where the wedding was going to take place. He said that it was at the Nigerian house somewhere near Berlin Zoo Garten. It was going to start around 13:00 that afternoon.
“I need to have some sleep, it is either you stay quiet or you go out” i said. He laughed and said he would take that opportunity to go to the betting house. It was a Saturday and there were going to be some football games.
“Take €50 in my wallet and bet on Manchester united winning Arsenal at the emirates” i said.
He argued that Manchester united could not win Arsenal at the emirates and said he was rather going to bet draw for me.
“Do what i said for me and go out, i need some sleep” I said.
He left the house and went to the betting house while i slept.

It was almost 11:20 when i got up and went to take my bath. Ten minutes later, i put on my clothes and went to Akunne’s shop.
As expected news had spread that i might have been in town. Nobody was sure but the news had leaked out somehow. People had lived for long with different stories about me; some said i was locked up in Holland, some said i was deported to Nigeria while some said i was in Paris. One of them said that someone spotted me once in Napoli but wasn’t sure if it was me.
The goodness was that everybody was excited when Ozoigbondu surfaced. I had left my bears to grow past the norm for me and had slightly changed the structure of my face. On top of that, i had covered half fo my face with a Nike Face cap. We all sat around our old table at the Akunne’s Shop and drank two bottles of Johnnie Walker i bought from Akunne. Chichi was still there. Rumour had it that she had secretly married Akunne but many people were not sure. Some saw it as a ploy to scare them away. We drank and talked until around 13:30 in the afternoon, then i got up and told them that i was off to a wedding. Two people offered to go wit me since i was going with a cab.

They followed me to the wedding venue where more than half of the attendants were already seated. Things were already underway. Jennifer was seated at the a special seat and with her was a white guy; She was marrying a German. I was very happy for her when i saw them. It was true that a white marriage didn’t guarantee a success in a union but she would atleast get a fair share of her rights as a human being. Her life was going to be better.
She didn’t see when i walked in with two other people. After she asked me to come when i was in Italy, we never spoke again on the phone.
I was given a seat across the hall Opposite her and her husband. There were some drinks placed directly opposite me and my friends.
It was when i opened one of the drinks and started taking it before every other person that i caught her attention. She had quickly dashed forward towards me as she shouted,
“Oh my God”

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