92: Starting All Over Again

It was until the following day that we were released. They took Fatimah away and when i asked the lawyer where they were taking her, she said Fatimah was not documented and that she was being taken to the asylum camp. I didn’t know how prepared Fatimah was concerning the asylum procedure, I didn’t prepared her properly. The only thing related to asylum i told her in the past was about claiming to come from Sierra Leone.
But as things stood, she was supposed to claim Nigerian since i claimed she was my sister which she affirmed. It would be simply disastrous if she turned around to tell the authorities that she was from Sierra Leone. I would not have worried about where she claimed to have come from if not that her actions could even affect my resident permit.

I walked out of the Police gate with the lawyer who claimed that she was going to defeat the Police if they charged us to law court.
Based on how she stood up for us against the police, i had no doubt that she was capable of defeating the Police quite alright but i didn’t want to be the girl in the middle of all that.
I was a foreigner and we were not expected to be involved in some issues relating to the Italian Police.

I waited for the lawyer to ask me for money but she didn’t. She even consoled me and said Fatimah would come out very soon. She said she knew where they were taking her and that i should not worry because she would direct her to me when she finished her asylum process.
After taking my phone number, she asked if i had money to return to Castel Volturno; i told her that i did. She said if i didn’t have any more, she could return to the Police to demand for my transport fare.
Since i didn’t want more troubles, i maintained that i had some money with me.

When the lawyer and I parted ways, i called Zuby immediately, i wanted to know if he was being detained since i was released already.
His masculine unmistakable voice from the other end of the call reminded me that he was as free as a bird.

“You think the police will send me to prison for long. I am out already, i told you we own this country. You can only run away with my money and my girls but wherever you run to in this Europe, i will find you” I shouted.

“Hello sweetheart,” He said calmly from the other end, “It is good that you are already out. Ngozi is safe here in France now, she will be going to school very soon. It is not too late for you to start school too. You have seen it all. I will return for you someday but for now, you need to convince me that you are a good woman.”

First of all, i didn’t understand the rationale behind calling me sweetheart. We were supposed to be sworn enemies. Why did he always find it easy to remain calm where there was trouble?

I had cut the phone call out of anger and waited for him to call back but he didn’t.
Zuby has destroyed my relationship with everyone i knew; Bola, Sunday and even the Thug Mike. She destroyed my relationship with Madam Philo Because i was sure our relationship would never be the same again. He took Ngozi away and put Fatimah in harm’s way.
He sent me up to San Remo where i have never dreamt of going and above all, he was still with my cash; cash that i still believed that Basil the rightful owner could surface someday to claim.

I had no doubt that he was already in France. San Remo was a few Kilometres away and those pursuing him were locked up somewhere where they could never do anything to him.

Inside the train back to Castel Volturno, Madam Philo called. She said she heard Police arrested me.

“Yes, but i am free now. I am in the train returning to Castel Volturno. I will come to you when i return” I said.

“No, don’t come to my place first. I will come to see you when you come back. Just call me first” She had said.

It was clear Madam Philo was scared i could lead the Police to her. She didn’t know the extent everything has gone; she didn’t know the whereabouts of her thugs up in San Remo and above all, she knew her punishment would be too big if she was connected to the crime in anyway. I didn’t look like an Italian Mama but she looked every bit like the chief of all Italian Mamas.

It seemed the news was already out in Castel Volturno; it was going to be shameful to appear in social gatherings like i loved to do. My pride and ego were battered to the extent that every idiot in town would begin to see himself or herself as being better than me. The best thing i could have done was just to relocate to another city but unfortunately, i didn’t have enough money to rent new place. The whirl wind called Zuby swept everything away and the only way to survive was to simply find another business to to start doing.
Street prostitution was already ruled out. Standing side by side in the streets with girls who just arrived Italy would certainly humiliate me to death.
Amsterdam was the best bet, however, my major contact over there was in Jail and even if he was not in jail, it would be difficult to go to him now. I stole his money and that would be the first thing he would demand the moment he set his eyes on me.
Bola on the other hand was angry with me due to the way i abandoned him and switched to Zuby. It would take much pleas to be able to settle our differences.
I was going to try anyway because the whole time we did business together, i delivered on my part.
If he was a serious minded person, he would know that i didn’t owe him anything.
I would call him when i get to Castel Volturno.

I didn’t know what happened to my apartment when we left for San Remo, the police had given me my key when they released me. They could have planted some listening devices or even tiny cameras inside the apartment to monitor my activities. I was not too worried about that because i believed i wasn’t in the category of big fishes who deserved such treatment.

Slowly and steadily, my train headed down towards South of Italy. It was time to start all over again. Life was a bitch.

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