92: Difficult to Learn

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“How much money do you have with you?” I asked.

Kate said she has the 500 i gave her the night she visited with Tina.

“Ask someone where you can get the platform for Belgium and Amsterdam bound trains. Don’t buy ticket at the counter, they will ask for your Passport. When you get into the train, don’t wait for the conductors to come to you, walk to them and tell them you forgot to buy ticket. They will add 5 Euros on top of the normal charge which should be around 120 Euros. You won’t get controlled by immigration” I said to Kate on the phone.
Of course i knew she could get controlled but it was better i told her she won’t.

When next she called, Kate said she was already in the train and that the train was already moving.
“Are you sure they won’t control me?” She had asked.

How the hell was i supposed to answer that question?

That was a nice piece of news. If Aunty F liked, she could follow her to Amsterdam to track me down. That was my territory and Lucifer won’t be able to save her if she dared tried that.

With one stone, i had killed two birds in Paris.
First, Kate was on her way to Amsterdam; if she really was. I had learnt not to trust anything hundred percent.

Secondly, Aunt F and her team must have known somehow that i was on my way to Amsterdam. They would call off their search team excluding Ernest of course whom i believed must have been cooling off in Police custody.

It was already late and dangerous to venture out in the street that night, if not, i would have sneaked out of the hotel and headed for any major train station where i could just get a train out of town.

Kate’s train to Amsterdam would get there between 5:30 and 6:00 am.
I had considered whether to send Hulk Hogan to pick her up but the way he reminded me of the 1000 balance, she could decide to keep the little girl until i paid him; Money i was sure i wasn’t going to pay.
He hadn’t even worked enough for the advance fee i gave him.

When Nature knocked me down on the bed, I had no other option than to obey.
I would have stayed awake longer but there was nothing to keep me busy in the room.

It was around 8am when i woke up.
I had wanted to go down around 6am when Kate called and said she was in Amsterdam.
But somehow i had crashed back on the bed and before i could find out what the time was, it was already a minute to the hour of 8am.

Kate had called earlier and said she was in Amsterdam Central Station.

“Wait let me call someone to pick you up” I said and called Robin.

“Tell her to enter a taxi down to Kraianest metro Station, i will be waiting for her there” That was Robin, after i told him about Kate.

When i called around 8:30am, Kate said she was with Robin’s wife in the sitting room.

Robin’s wife?

Since it was already day time, I went down to the reception and looked outside.
The street was a little busier than when i came in the night before. Some businesses had opened.

I walked outside and entered the Pharmacy opposite the hotel.
“I need some pain killers” i said to the woman behind the counter.
Another man on a white overall was arranging some drugs in the shelves.

“Do you have a doctor’s Prescription?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Do you have a health Insurance card?” She continued.

“None Madamoiselle”.

“We can’t sell the pain killers to you unless you want just Paracetamol” She said.

“Madam please, Paracetamol can’t help me out now. I ran over 2 kilometers last night and my entire body is in pain. I need something stronger” I said.

After much pleading, she refused.
I paid for a card of Paracetamol and drank four tablets in her presence.

“Mr, you can’t do that” She protested.

“Well I just did. I asked for a stronger pill but you refused” I said as she stared at me.

I walked out of the Pharmacy to the road, then i crossed the road and walked up to the street where I hit Ernest the night before.
I looked around and found a gold ring, picked it up, checked and put it in my Jean Pocket, then i returned to the road and waited for a cab.

For some reasons, i decided that i wasn’t going back to Amsterdam immediately despite the fact that Kate was already secured there. I was going to hunt for another Teenage girl.
I was already in Paris and despite the troubles, i was determined to leave with someone.
Based on my logic, Kate went to Amsterdam on her own.
One more girl would raise the cash i was going to demand.

But first of all, i needed to leave the area where i was.
Since my operations in Paris, i never ventured into the Antony area. It seemed like the best option for me. Maybe there were no areas for black prostitutes there in Antony but it would be safer to just go and hide there and wait until the night comes, then i would come out and search for where to pick one girl up.

Inside the cab to Antony, i called Johnson in Berlin and demanded that he sent me the last 5000 I sent to him to keep for me.

He said he used the money to send car Spare parts to Nigeria and that the only cash with him was 1500.
After much talks, he agreed to send 1000.

When i got to Antony, i located a hotel and paid for a night, then i bought some burger, take-away Chinese noodles and a mini bottle of Jack Daniel.

Inside the Hotel, i ate and made calls.

I called Kate first to find out how she was adapting to the new environment.
She said Amsterdam was fine and that she was alright where she was.
She wanted to know if i was on my way back but i told her that i would be coming back in the night or next morning.

“Brother, i called Tina and told her that i am in Amsterdam now. She said she will call you to see if you can also help her” Kate said.

“What, why did you call her? Who else did you call?” I shouted.

It seemed the Kate girl had some understanding problems.
She didn’t know about security and if given the chance, she would definitely tell all her friends the apartment she was in Amsterdam.
She might even have called Franca but i would find that out when i get to Bijlmer

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