91: The Caring Girlfriend.

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By the time i hide my caller ID and started calling Sunday back, his phone has been switched off.

I immediately called Obi, one of the guys i assembled during my search for Maria.
“Sunday was arrested Yesterday Night. The Police said he raped a girl some days ago” Obi said excitedly from the other side of the phone.

“Really? How could Sunday do such a thing?” I said for the fear of my phone being tapped by the Police already, i needed to throw them off balance by making them believe i wasn’t part of the crime.

When Obi asked where i was, i told him that i was in Sicily but was coming to Castel Volturno Immediately.

If my phone was really being followed, which i believed was, the cops would surely believe that i was coming to Castel since i said the truth about being in Sicily.
Unfortunately, i didn’t say where i was in Sicily.

Sicily was a large Island with big cities and towns such as Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Agrigento. It was naturally going to be difficult to pin me down in one place.

Immediately after talking to Obi, i copied out Adisa’s phone number.
I switched off my phone and removed both the sim card and the battery from the phone.
Whatever tracking system being used by the Italian cops was definitely made useless by the action.

I wondered why Sunday was calling me. If his phone number was still on, he could have taken my calls and could have tried to lure me back to the Police in Castel. Apparently he has reached a deal with the cops to bring me to Castel Volturno and when i didn’t take my calls, they switched his phone back off.

The Gods who wanted to save me were the ones who forced me to call Obi Immediately i didn’t get Sunday on the phone.

Sunday was arrested some hours before he called me, there was no other logic than to agree that a trap has been set for me, I felt safer thinking that way.

“Baby, Why did you dismember your phone?” Linda asked inside the ferry boat on our way to Levanzo.

“The last time i wanted us to come here, i got a business call and had to rush to Germany. Now that we are here, i don’t want that to happen again. They want me to return to Castel for a deal, That is why i did that” I lied.

“But why didn’t you just switch off the phone instead of removing the components?” she asked.

“Linda, the Bible said that we should cut off any part of us that could lead us to hell. If this phone will make me leave you now that we are here, i am going to throw it into the sea” I said as i threw the Nokia E series phone and its components into the Mediterranean Sea.

“Noo, why did you do that?” she shouted.

“Nothing is more important to me than you now. You left your work and took permission because of me. You welcomed me into your life and gave me your heart. I won’t allow that phone to take me away from you again” I said with a smile.
She really felt bad about the phone but she eventually thought that i was serious about my love for her.

As soon as we got to the harbour of Levanzo, i called Adisa. She said she has been calling me since she got to Sicily but my My phone was switched off.

“Go to the harbour in Trapani and take a ferry boat to Levanzo. It is not far, call this number when you get to Levanzo and i will pick you up.

“Who is that?” Linda asked.

I explained that Adisa was a woman that i wanted to do some business with.

“I thought you said there would be no business here”

“I said there would be no business that will take me away from you” I said.

“Whose house are you opening? The Police will arrest you for break and enter” Linda said as she looked sideways to see if someone was looking at us.

Cala Dogna was the name of village where we lived. It had some white buildings inhabited mostly by fishermen, i loved fishing and had always wanted to fish sometime in the future.
Fishing was just one of those hobbies that also yielded dividends. It was one of those things that people enjoyed doing while also making profits.

One of the reasons why i even chose a small Island for Maria and the kid in the stomach was because, i also planned to retire in Levanzo later on if i decided to live in Europe for long.
I had figured that even if i decided to abandon my French resident permit, i would still have had no immigration problems in Levanzo.
There was no crime in the small town which was mostly made vibrant by tourists. It was almost a shame that i planned to commit a crime on the small town which apparently had no police presence except the Naval Police officers that sail past the town every now and then.
The entire population of Levanzo was less than 500 and mostly fishermen as one could see fish nets spread out in the sun on daily basis.

“Come in Linda, We are not breaking in. This place belongs to us” I said as i held her hand and pulled her into the sitting room.

There were a few things left in the apartment including the sofa.
We sat down and the question and answers started.

Linda wanted to know why i didn’t tell her i was renting a retreat for us. I promised to explain to her why i rented the place.

When Adisa called and said she was at the Trapani Harbour, i told her to ask people about the boat that was coming to Levanzo.
She complained about not having enough money with her and when i asked how much she had remaining, she said she had about 20 Euros left.
The boat to Levanzo cost a little above €17.

“Don’t worry, you will have enough money before you return to Castel” I said before hanging up the call.

“Baby, we will go down to the beach as soon as i finish with the lady who is coming to see me” I said to Linda while we waited.
She was still surprised that i owned an apartment in an Island without mentioning it. I wondered if buying me a sleeping gown and opening her legs for me was all that was required to tell her everything i owned.

“Don’t you like surprises?” I had asked after she frowned her face due to one of the answers i gave her.

“I like surprises but not this kind of surprises. I like surprises like if you buy me a bag, shoes and clothes. Not when you have an apartment or build a house. What if something happen to you, who is going to take care of of your things? That is why it is always good to confide in your girlfriend or wife” She said.

‘What, really? If something happen to me’ i thought.

This bitch was into the relationship for a reason; afterall i was a prince.

“I am sorry Linda, nothing will happen to me and i only wanted to surprise you with this place”

I was already getting angry and didn’t want her to find out.
The bitch must have thought that i was some kind of fool with money. I didn’t blame her, i proposed taking her to an Island just a few days after meeting her.

Only if she knew how sensitive i was to such silly ideas of telling her everything i owned so that she could secure them for me if i happened to end up in Prison or if i died.
She must have even been hoping that i told her about the things i had in Africa as well; something Maria never asked despite everything we went through together.

As we waited and talked, i flashed back to the day i first visited Linda. I wanted to find out if she had given me anything to eat; something she might have added some voodoo substance to make her believe she charmed me. Sure, she cooked Spaghetti once, and gave me beer too.
I wondered if i should hand her a more severe punishment since she thought that i was a moneybag fool who should confide in her.

I took Linda and went to welcome Adisa at the harbour. I wanted to be somewhere there before she arrived. It was true that she suspected nothing about me and my motives but i had initially called her with my old number which Prince Sunday knew. The Police could have easily known all the calls made by the old Nokia phone and the number in the past few days. It was time to be as careful as possible.

Adisa was alone when she came out of the ferry boat. We watched from a hidden place as She called and said she was at the harbour.

“Follow the major path and start coming down, we will meet on the road” I said and followed her.

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