91: Danger in all Angles

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Rather than venturing into the unknown streets on my left and right, i decided to turn around and walk back to the road.
It was far better that the Police arrested and questioned me than to lose my phones and the little remaining money in my pocket.

The Kate girl whom i was trying to help seemed not to have grasped the entire project very well.
If i was a person who believed in superstition, i would have believed that Kate was a kind of Witch that was keen on delivering me to my enemies.

Now that Aunty Franca was with her, it was difficult to know the next thing to do.

I had hoped that we would be in the training to Amsterdam by then. My funds were running down too.

“Hey” The voice said behind my back and jolted me out of my reverie.

I turned and saw two men emerging from the darkness, Another two was right behind them.
I turned and looked in front and there was nobody there.
It was true that i was tired but i wasn’t going to allow them to reach where i was.

One of them shouted something in French but i didn’t understand what it meant. Whatever it meant meant nothing to me anyway because i was already walking fast despite being far ahead of them.

I thought things were just normal until i heard a gunshot above my head.


It was time to run again.
Like an Olympic race, the gunshot had kickstarted my running while the second shot reminded me that i could be wasted by those bastards if i didn’t find a safe place on time.

Far ahead of me was the hotel i saw on my way in.

As they pursued me towards the hotel, A cab turned from the major road and flashed its full lamps towards us.
The cab drove slowly until it got to the front of the hotel and stopped.
A passenger opened the door and came down at the same time i got to the entrance of the hotel.

The bad guys had stopped and were running back to where they came from.

The Passenger quickly returned to the cab and closed the door as i turned the door handle of the hotel door, it was open.

Breathing heavily, i walked to the receptionist and asked if there was a vacant room.

“Yes, we have some rooms left” He said as he brought out the paper containing the price lists.

I chose a 40 Euro room and paid for it.
The Police could come to search for the fugitive in the hotel but they were the lesser evil between them and the criminals.

There was no alcohol whatsoever in the hotel room; that was one difference between the big and small hotels.
In big hotels, there were always beer and whisky in the rooms, Although you must pay for them if you drink them.

“Where are you?” The female voice said.
It was that of Kate.

“Don’t ask me any stupid question again” I said.

“I am not with my aunty again” she said.

“Really, how am i supposed to believe that, just because you said it?” i asked.

“I told her to watch my bag while i go and buy a recharge card to call you. When i finished buying the card, i thought about everything that happened. I found out that my Aunty has been telling my
Madam everything i have been telling her. She has even been following me around to use me to catch you” That was a surprise from Kate.

“Kate, how did you find all this things out?” I asked.

“I was just thinking” she said.

Her explanations were not satisfactory and as a result i said, ‘I am near Gare Du Lyon Train station. I want to take a train to Amsterdam from there. Gare Du Nord is not safe for me”

Gare Du Lyon is the second Largest train station in the Ille de France region.
Ille de France is a province that served as what we called a ‘State’ in Nigeria. Paris itself was part of Ille de France and so was all the surrounding towns and cities such as Juvisy, St. Dennis and Antony.

“Please wait for me, i want to take a taxi to that place now” Kate said.

I cut off my call and waited on the bed. I felt it was time to leave Paris and even France entirely.
Madam Model, though i haven’t heard from her, must have returned to Paris. The news that one Solomon Azubuike Austin Ebot was in town may have circulated.
The irate bitches who chased after me in Marcadet the day before must have circulated news about me around town.
The worst of it all was that i came to Paris with just one set of cloth, spotting me was always going to be easy.

I didn’t even lie on the hotel bed, i sat on the edge and shook my legs as if i was thinking of something to do next; or perhaps i was.

Then the call came.

“Are you back in Holland?” I didn’t wait for the caller to finish what he was saying before i knew who it was.

“Chikelue, What is it?” i asked.

“I just want to make sure you are back so that i can..?”

“So that you can what? Come for the balance of the money i guess” i almost shouted.

“Yes” he said before i cut the call.

I was still thinking when Kate called and said she was at the Gare Du Lyon Station.

“I have left that place and i am on my way to Amsterdam. I wanted to help you but God didn’t want it that way. Your presence was becoming too dangerous for me, so i decided to leave you behind”

She started crying on the phone.

“Look Kate, if you want to come to Amsterdam, you can come. I will welcome you there. It is just that my life is in Danger there in Paris and if anything happen to me, you won’t be able to go to Amsterdam again”

After what i said, she asked how she could come to Amsterdam on her own. She first of all complained that she didn’t know anywhere and didn’t know where Amsterdam was located.

I wasn’t surprised because many Africans didn’t know the nearest city to wherever they lived.
Their bodies together with their minds were usually quarantined in one place. And until they visited that neighbouring town, they would never know anything about it.
Kate was just one of them.

When i newly got to Eisenhuttenstadt, it took me only one day to find out that it was between Frankfurt Oder and Cottbus. But then every human being was configured differently.

If Kate wanted to go to Amsterdam, she would have to travel alone.

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