90: No light at the end of the tunnel

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I immediately left her hand and waved a cab down. The driver pulled his glass down and asked where i was going. “Charles De Gaulle Etoile” I said. He shook his head and drove off. I started walking down the road to separate myself from Kate. Her cloth was very easy to be spotted from a far place and if Aunt F and her boyfriend had seen us turned right, it would have been easy to spot her. “Give me my phone” Kate shouted. I stopped and started running back to give her her phone. As soon as i was about to hand her the phone, a taxi stopped in front of her and two doors flew open at the same time. Ernest was at the back while Aunty Franca was in Front. I had succeeded in giving the phone to Kate but the two escape routes has been blocked by them. I instantly decided that i had a better chance of escaping if i run towards right. It was Aunty F that stood there between me and freedom. Like a cornered bull, i grabbed kate’s small hand bag and threw it at Franca’s face. The three seconds she struggled to analyse what just happened to her was all i needed to make my move. Ernest was already after me as i jumped on the struggling Franca and started running down. They both pursued me as we ran like mad people down the street, shoving pedestrians out of the road. About Twenty meters down the road, i brought out my phone and while still running, i called Kate. “Are you still there?” I shouted. Kate said she was still standing there with the taxi driver who brought Franca and Ernest. The driver was still waiting for his cab fare which was yet to be paid by the two. “Get into the taxi immediately, follow it to a hotel and wait for me there. I will call you back to get the name of the hotel” I shouted and kept running. I was sure the little brat was going to do what i said but that was least of my concern then. I told her to do that so that the two people won’t see her when they returned. As i ran and looked back, I saw only Ernest bearing down towards me. The little call i made had slowed me down by some fractions of seconds which brought Ernest closer to me. Aunty Franca was nowhere to be found. I knew that there would get to a point where I will stop running and wait for whatever danger it was. I didn’t want two of them to face me physically, Ernest alone was big enough to face me. To make sure that we lost Franca entirely, i diverted right to a narrow street and continued running. It was more of a jogging since i was already tired. As we ran through the lonely street, i prayed that it wasn’t a closed street. Some 50 meters later, i busted out of another major road. My energy has been used up and for some unclear reasons, i decided that i had run enough. A siren has started blowing on the road where we started the run. But fortunately, the narrow street where we had taken wasn’t wide enough to contain a car. Immediately i busted out of the road, I stood with my back on the wall of the building facing the road. It was Night but the street lights illuminated the area very well. I waited breathlessly until Ernest came out too. He stopped immediately he came out and started looking left and right. But before he could know what hit him, my right hand had slammed on his face and temporary blinded him. He shouted in pains and staggered back, then he fell on the ground. Before he hit the ground, i had slammed my fist on his nose once more and watched as he cried out once more. Out of anger, i rushed towards him and kicked him heavily on the stomach, then he flattened down and passed out. What? Did i just kill someone? He might have been drinking and that meant that passing out or even dying would be easy for him. Whatever it was, i didn’t wait to find out since the blazing siren had gone down the road and would soon join the very road where we busted out. I quickly walked across to the other side of the road and diverted to the first street i saw there. I walked fast and carefully to avoid the eyes on the windows notice the siren was actually for the walking Nigga. 15 meters into the new street, the police vehicle with siren drove fast past the street and kept going up. From the fading sound of the siren, it was obvious they didn’t see Ernest who was lying on the ground at the entrance of the Narrow street. If they were really there for us, they would have to turn around and return to the narrow street before they could be able to see Ernest. I was sure that when and if they were able to revive Ernest back to Humanity on time, he would not be able to tell them what happened or which way i took. Some more meters ahead on the road, i saw a sign indicating that a hotel was nearby. I needed to enter a hotel and rest from the Olympic Marathon that just happened but i also knew how the European police worked. If they were really interested in our little disturbing run, they would search every public place within 1 Kilometer radius of the area. And the receptionist were bound to tell them that a male negro, of a certain height and weight came into their hotel a few minutes ago. They would come to my room and ask questions such as where i came from and where i was in the pas one hour. It won’t take them much investigation to decide that it was me. Besides if they might have arrested Ernest by then, he would just point at me and tell them i was their target. As a result, i kept walking into the dark street until i got to a place where i didn’t know which way to follow. The narrow road on the left was the kind of place where Arab bad guys stayed and waited to snatch peoples belongings. If i lost my phone to them, it would be disastrous for me and for a whole lot of people out there in Holland, Italy, France and Nigeria. I stopped and called Kate. “Where are you?” I asked. “I am still in front of the Carefour with my Aunty” she said. “What Aunty? I thought i told you to leave the place with the taxi driver” I shouted. “She came back before I could go” She said.

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