90: How it all happened

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Chapter 90.

Naomi called and said that she had returned from school. We took a cab to her apartment. Ngozi was the surprise package as i showed up with yet another girl. She already knew what the new girl was doing with me. She had jumped on me as soon as she saw me and said, “My Hero, have you rescued another one?” We all laughed at my new name. She told me the experiences she was having at the asylum camp as if i never went there. She told me how guys were scrambling over who will become her boyfriend. I felt a little jealous inside me as i recalled how it was during my own asylum in Germany.

I stayed quiet as the three girls narrated how they were nearly caught during their running with me. They all claimed that their individual experiences was the most dangerous. Naomi narrated how she was nearly caught in Paris and how we ran to Lille; how I broke into Efosa’s house in Evry and how he nearly captured me. She also told them about our apartment in Grigny Center. Ngozi also told the stories of how we were chased all over Italy by hired thugs, how I left her with an Italian taxi driver and went back to fight Maria and her thugs. Esther was astounded as she listened to their stories. She had thought that her experience was the worst until she heard what Ngozi had to say. They were all surprised at how close they were to being captured even without knowing. And when they all finished their stories they kept quiet and stared at me unbelievable.
It was Naomi who started the Question.
“Where did you learn not to fear Olokun and that it had no powers?”.
I had smiled and said, “I started the day i asked myself what Olokun had done for me. I found out that it never did anything for me, therefore i asked myself why I should be scared of it”.
“But were you not told that it could strike you down if you say anything bad against it?” she had asked again.
“Naomi, Olokun lives in the Rivers in Edo State. Edo state is nowhere near Europe. I live on land and despite all my years here on Earth, i have never seen Olokun on the dry lands. The Olokun of Edo State would require Visa from the Olokun of Europe at their embassy wherever it may be in the seas. It would have to swim from Edo State to Europe to be able to see me here first. On a serious note, these things are all Imaginary. They were embedded inside your brain to scare you right from Childhood. If those things exist, then they exist in the Waters. We humans own the lands; even crocodiles and snakes are all dangerous but you need to go to them first before they can attack you. If you believe that the God in the Heaven is more powerful than anything, is it not silly to believe that Olokun can overpower God and kill you? What i want you people to be doing is just to close your eyes and ask whatever God that is incharge of you to protect you daily. That’s all you need to do. Assume that you don’t know which God it is because you don’t know” I said.

“But how did you get involved with the Big Italian Mamas in the first Place?” that was Ngozi.
“It started in Portugal in 2005. I had gone to pick up a girl to sleep with but eventually she decided that i was good enough to become her boyfriend. It was her who made me to understand that some of you girls never liked what they did. Her name was Jennifer and She lives in Berlin Germany now. She is getting Married on Saturday and she want me to be there. She is the architect of everything that happened to you and everything that would happen to other girls in my quest to teach my African queens that freedom is never negotiable. I want all of you to remember inviting me whenever and wherever your weddings or marriages comes up. If i am disposed to coming, i would surely come” i said.
“Where is Berlin?” that was Esther.
“Berlin is the capital city of Germany” i answered.
“Wait, you mean you have been to Germany and Portugal too?” Esther asked again.
“Yes, i have been to those Countries and many more as well. I also plan to visit many more places. The idea is that if i rescue one or two girls in each Country, the news would naturally spread among others. And as long as they know that the Olokun didn’t kill those ones that were rescued, they will begin to have double minds over what they did. Therefore my beautiful wives, i want all of you to spread the news as much as you can. Help me out in this mission because it is clear to me now that i was created and programmed to do this. One day i will get tired and weak and would not be able to outrun my pursuers. They could capture, torture or even kill me and if you girls does not pick up where i stopped, all those things that happened to you and me would be for nothing” i said.

“When are you going to get married and who are you going to Marry?” Ngozi asked.
“My dear the answer is that i don’t know. I believe that as soon as i get married, all this missions will stop because my wife would not allow me to put my life at risk. On the question of who i am going to marry, i don’t also know yet. I have a lot of beautiful friends including three of you. I have one in Dublin, one in Berlin, three in Marseille here and one in London” i said.
“I knew it. I knew you liked Lisa” Naomi shouted. We all laughed.

“Ladies i want all of you wherever you find yourselves in the future, to live like the free girls. Get a boyfriend who loves you. Go to amusement parks with him, eat ice creams together, go to beaches and clubs. Enjoy your lives but remember to read your books. You people do not deserve to live like slaves. You do not deserve to fear some unseen gods and deities somewhere in Africa who allowed her people to be traded as commodities. Gods that never fought back when her continent was invaded and destroyed by foreign powers. The gods that abandoned us to our fate when her people were told what to do and what not to do by foreigners. The gods that never fought back when her worshipers were killed and brainwashed by other religions. If you have these knowledge at the back of your head all the time, your life will be better off than the way it is now. Never see yourself as an inferior or superior to anybody. We were all programmed to do different things in this big open place called Earth. We were not programmed to serve and not be served. We were made equal by nature, therefore stand up for your rights against your oppressors.
This is my advice to you and this is my gift to you” I said as they kept quiet and listened like Children who listened to a bedtime story from their Father.

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