9: The Phone Calls

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Chapter 9..

We left for Enugu the following morning. The Vehicle was a new Model Toyota Hiace with about 13 Passengers. It had a functioning Air Condition system which was just fine with Queen.

We had purchased Nigeria MTN Sim cards the day before. The previous evening, we made calls. I called my mother, my brother’s wife, my younger brother and some other people.

Queen called Paris. She told her Aunty over there that she was in Nigeria. The phone was on speakout as i instructed.

“I heard you ran away with one Igbo Boy. He will use and dump you very soon. Useless girl. I brought you to help you in France but you ran away without telling me, i will…” The Aunty was still talking when i cut the call.

“She is not going to say anything useful to us” I said to Queen.

She called her Aunty in Victoria Island. That one was not angry or happy. She just asked where Queen was.

“I am in Lagos but i am going to Enugu with my boyfriend tomorrow” She had replied.

The curious aunty wanted to know more about the boyfriend. She asked who i was and where we found each other. She asked if i was going to marry Queen and when i planned to do so. She asked us to visit her when we returned to Lagos.

Queen also called her friend, the one who was with her the night i picked her up in Paris. She was genuinely happy for Queen. She said Queen was very lucky to have found someone who took her out of the street.

“Things are getting worse everyday over here” She had complained on the phone, “The Police are chasing us up and down, many girls are in prison now and i heard they are going to be deported. You are very lucky that the man like you very much. Make sure you stay with him and dont allow him to chase other girls in Nigeria. Follow him to his village and everywhere he goes. Igbo people like to marry from their village”.

She didn’t know the phone was on speakout. She was there in Paris corrupting Queen’s mind in Nigeria. I hated when people generalize things. I had heard many times in the past where Benin Girls in Europe complained about Igbo Boys returning home to marry from their villages after dating edo girls.
The truth was that all the Edo girls in Europe were prostitutes, all of them.
Igbo people were very cultured and as such, they hardly wanted to settle down with ex prostitutes. It worked both ways for those who dared to marry Edo girls in Europe.

Mike, a man from my neighbouring town married an Ex Prostitute. They moved from Italy to Amsterdam. The woman would go out and do some prostitution work with Igbo boys in Bijlmer and when the husband found out, she told him bluntly “Did you not know what i was doing before you asked me to Marry you?”.
Now, that was one of the problems Igbo men were scared of in Europe. There was always going to be marital quarrels and small fights between husband and wife.
No Man would want a situation where the wife make such statement as knowing what she did in the past.

There was also the fear of Edo wives fvking other Men behind their husbands. Nothing was impossible with those people and nothing killed a man faster than knowing that your wife was sleeping outside with men.
Therefore I had thought that Edo girls in Europe should have known our reasons for not settling down with them in Europe. It would have been easier in Nigeria where neighbours also watched out for others unlike Europe where even if a neighbour caught your wife sleeping with another man in your apartment, he wouldn’t dare tell you.

It was a few of us with large hearts that were able to settle down with Edo girls for a long Period. I would have eventually ended up with Maria if not that she decided to go to San Marino and start a new life. I was also sure that Queen might not have been discovered if Maria was still there. Even if i pulled Queen off the streets, she wouldn’t have had any deeper relationship with me. But as fate may have it, when one door is closed, another one is open.

“This your friend likes you” I said to Queen. “She knows that the street work was never for you. You would have sank deeper into depression if you continued. But I am an Angel from Heaven, sent to Earth by God Himself, to go and rescue one of his Angels, who was about to destroy her life in Paris”.

Queen was lagging before i finished what i was saying. The last words were said while her lip was on mine.

That was how we spent the rest of the past day in Promiseland making calls and kissing and hugging and eventually did the other one again. I might add that we did it without condom and it was getting scary. I feared she could get pregnant and if that happened, i would be forced to marry her right away. As things stood, i was the closest thing to her life. Therefore it would be suicidal to leave her out there with my baby.
Meanwhile if i married her, she was going to remain in Nigeria. Whatever school she wanted to go would be in Nigeria because it would be difficult for her to cope with a baby all alone in the united kingdom.
I would be required to follow her to England if the Embassy granted me a Visa which i suspected they would do. Then Queen would have rewritten my future.
That was what i never wanted from anybody. I wanted to write my future by myself. It usually made life easier when one writes his or her own future. Unwanted pregnancies was known to be the fastest way to get marriage from men. Not that i would have wanted abortion but a woman who refused to have abortion would have her baby whether the man wanted or not.
At the back of my head, i suspected that Queen wanted to get pregnant for me. She found a good young Bachelor who loved her and women never asked for anything better than that.

Her friend was right. She should hold me down and go everywhere with me.. What she didn’t know was that the moment i get the documents from The British International School, she would be on her way to England with the next available flight.

Marriage was not yet on the table for me, just not yet, no matter who the girl was.

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  1. achi4u

    Hmmmm Ozoigbondu you get heart oo…women no dey trip you again.
    Most men will rush to marry such a beautiful angel whether the atmosphere is conducive or not.

  2. Delis

    “I might add that we did it without condom and it was getting scary. I feared she could get pregnant and if that happened, I would be forced to marry her right away.” I’m begining to suspect and predict that she got pegnant.

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