9: The Escape plan in UK

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Chapter 9.

“Another war with who, i thought the Police and the court already has them?” Maria asked me.
“Yes, they are in government custody but there are also chances they could be freed on bail. The judiciary system all over the World is a bitch” I answered.
“Listen to me, there are some fights you need to abandon. We should be grateful that the authorities intervened on this one. Don’t forget that you are not authorized to live in this country for more than three weeks at once. This people may be forced to send you back to Paris if your name surfaces on the news feed again” Maria said.
She was right, i had thought about that as well but then i was already making arrangements to leave Sweden when this last drama started. There was nothing to do rather than wait for the judgement day.

The following evening, Angel and Blessing returned from camp as i instructed. There was no need to take a retour on their way back because the Italian team were in prison yards. The stubbornness of Joy had eventually landed her where she belonged. If she has behaved like Aunty Adesuwa who after paying her own ransom, discovered that i wasn’t interested in releasing her girl for her and simply forgot about Precious or maybe not. I still haven’t heard from Precious even though i suspected she has been transferred to her Heim.

Angel and Blessing located the address of our apartment. I had told them to ask questions since i didn’t want to go out to the Stockholm Central to welcome them. I was depressed by what i saw when i visited Rose. She was in a big trauma; perhaps because she thought they were going to kill her.

An hour after they arrived, I picked up the two resident permit cards and showed it to them. Sure it was their pictures on the cards but the names were different.
“I want you two to memorize the names on the cards. This is who you are now. People don’t forget their names anywhere in the World; therefore you must remember the names at all times. You are going to join a leisure group going to the UK for a week. The agency in charge of the trip is most likely to take your traveling cards and hold it until you return here. That is how it works and it is even better because the agency is going to present the cards to the British Immigration for inspection. If they allow you to present the cards for clearance, you may not be able to defend it. Are you people following me?” I asked. They both nodded.

“Now here is where the big move will happen. The agency will pay for your hotel accommodation for the entire week. I will pay them here in Sweden. They are going to be taking you people out to different places everyday. The first day, you will go with them to wherever they take you; Laugh with them, eat and smile with them. The second day, do the same. Take pictures, i will give you my camera. On the third day, tell me the name of the hotel where you are lodged. I will send someone to meet you at the reception; that is when you will leave the hotel with the Person. Forget whatever bag you have with you. You are going to be on your trousers. Put your phone, whatever money you have and your camera in the jean pockets and follow whoever i sent outside the hotel. That is it. The good news is that nobody will be interested in monitoring you. The economy of Sweden is far better than that of the United Kingdom. Nobody from Sweden is really interested in Living in the UK because the Swedish GDP is far higher than that of the entire UK” I finished.
“What is GDP?” Blessing asked.
“You don’t need that on this journey. Get ready because we are going to the office of the agency now” I said.

We arrived at the agency’s office and luckily for me, the same young smiling lady i met there before was the one sitting there again. She recognized me immediately.
“Welcome again Sir. Are this the girls you talked about?” She said.
“Yes, they want to see the UK and i hope they won’t be discriminated against since they are blacks” i said with a serious face.
“No, Sweden is not like many countries. We are a very friendly people. We even have one other black on our list and we have taken blacks on a tour to Russia and Spain. We don’t discriminate Sir” she said.
“Very well then. How much is the price for one person again?” I asked without mentioning anything about the resident permit.
“It is SK6750 if you are paying cash but SK6770. if you are paying with credit card” she said.
“We are paying cash” I said as i brought out money from my wallet and asked the girls for the cards.
They handed the cards to the lady who carefully wrote down their names in a ledger before giving them two tickets.
“Keep this and don’t lose it. You can’t travel without the ticket” she said to them both.
Before we left, she thanked us and gave us sweets.

Back in our apartment. I lectured them on how to conduct themselves in the boat. They were surprised when i told them they were traveling with cruise leisure boat.
“You will have your own cabins in the boat where you keep your things and sleep. They will call you out each time it is time to eat. Everything has been paid for. This is your opportunity to make a life for yourselves. If you blow it up, they will return you here and you start running again” I said.

In the evening of that same day, i took them to the H&M clothing mall where they bought two sets of clothes each.
They will be moving in two days time which was Monday. The day after their departure was the judgment day in court. It was good that they were leaving before the judgement day because the outcome of the court case could prompt a new small war between me and the Italian thugs.

Back at home, we all chatted freely and joked. They said they pray that the court jail Aunty Joy. We ate and since there were no TV or DVD, we just talked and chatted until it was time for bed.
I wished them goodnight and went to my room.
“Shouldn’t we go and get our electronics from Rose?” That was Maria lying beside me on the bed.

“I think we should” I said.

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