9: Meeting Of The Enemies

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“Hello Azubuike” I said.

Azubuike wasn’t surprised to see me. He didn’t scramble or shift, he wasn’t even blinking or retreating, he just stood there and said, “Hello Maria, did you come with my engagement ring? I hope you didn’t bring your foot soldiers with you.”

I didn’t allow him to finish what he was saying before i landed a hot slap on his left cheek.
It blinded him for a few seconds and when he raised his head again, i sent the second slap his way but he grabbed my hand mid way and held it tight, hurting me.
Alice stood behind me and said nothing.

The two naked girls scrambled up and started wearing their cloths as i struggled with Zuby.

“You need to calm down now Maria” He said.

“Azubuike what did i do to you? You destroyed my business and made me useless in this Europe. How am i supposed to survive again?” I said and surprisingly started crying.

Crying wasn’t part of the plan. I thought about everything except crying. But right there in the glaring eyes of everyone around, i stood and cried like a baby.

I eventually got tired of struggling with him and lowered my hands, he was stronger.

“Hey girls, wear your clothes and get out now, my wife just arrived” Azubuike said to the two white girls.
He also ordered Alice to leave his place.

“Please sit down” He said to me as the two white girls opened the exit door and disappeared. Alice left before them.

As soon as he locked the door, he put the key in his pocket and ordered me to kneel down, he pulled out his belt.

I didn’t do anything, i just sat on the bed and stared at him unbelievably.

Then he held my hand and slowly pulled me up. I thought he was going to hit me but he hugged and held me passionately. It was another of his surprise packages.

I instantly got weaker and dropped a few more tears.

“Its OK baby, i will make it right for you this time” He whispered to my left ear.

After our little drama, i sat down while he dried my tears with his shirt.

“Where is Fatimah? I want her and my money before i leave here.” i said calmly.

“First of all,” he said, “Fatimah is a child of God now. I sent her to a place where you will never see her again. You will have to pay me one day for that.”

“Azubuike i am talking about my money and you are telling me that i will pay you. I need to start life all over again, just give me my money and my girl” I almost shouted.

“Look Maria, if you want money, i have an idea how you can get that but first of all, you have to obey me at all times” He said.

What exactly was he talking about?
I knew Zuby well enough to know that he wasn’t crazy. He expected me to obey him while i was asking him to give me my money.

We were still trying to find a common ground when the bang hit the door; the bell was ringing incessantly at the same time.

“Offen Offen, Its the Police” The female voice said.

Zuby turned to me instantly and said, “I will handle this. If you don’t want trouble, tell them the same thing I am going to tell them.”

I nodded.

Why exactly did i nod?
I was suppose to sell him out to the Police. It seemed my heart has been bought already. I was no longer thinking about killing Zuby. I was no more thinking about hurting him physically. I was already part of his team. He has gotten to me to the extent that i was going to collaborate whatever lies he was about to tell the Swedish Police.

I didn’t know who called the Police. It could have been Alice when she thought i was in danger. It could also have been the two white bitches who saw that we were fighting.

I calmed myself as Zuby went to the door to open it.

Police officers busted into the room as if it harbored Osama Bin Laden.
The fat lady among them rushed at me as if she knew who i was.

“Did he hit you?” She yelled as she started touching me all over the head and shoulder.

“Hit me? No he didn’t hit me. What is this about?” I said as i pushed his hand away slightly.

She must have been a lesbian because a few seconds after pushing her hand out of my body, she was all over me again.

“Are you sure he didn’t hit you?” she said as she touched my hands and worked his way up to my shoulder and boobs.


“I said he didn’t touch me” I almost shouted as i stood up.

“Who owns this apartment and What did you come to do in Sweden?” One of the cops was asking Zuby; his passport was being flipped.

“Business, i came here for business and this place belongs to my host” He said.

How did he intended to defend the business he came to do?

“What kind of business are you here to do?” the cop asked.

The fat one who was touching me had stepped aside and was standing opposite Zuby, talking like a parrot.

“Scrap Metals, i came here to buy scrap metals” Zuby said.

“From which company” the cop asked.

That was it. He was finally cornered to the wall and only a miracle could save him this time.

I watched as Zuby walked to his bag and brought out some papers. He handed it over to the Police who stared at it for a minute before bringing out a phone and called someone.

After speaking on the phone, he handed the papers back to Zuby and told the Fat one that it was time to go.

They were still near the exit door when another set of Police showed up with the two white girls.

The first and the second group met each other and started talking in their language. I didn’t know what they discussed but both team went away later, the second group didn’t do anything.

“You are a criminal Azubuike and i am afraid of you,” I said as soon as the cops left, “What is the business you said could fetch me money?” I asked.

I was already relaxed; my shoes were hurting and were being pulled off as i asked the questions.
It seemed that i was going to stay in Sweden with Azubuike. He hasn’t said it to me directly but he has mentioned working with him to make money. It was a welcomed idea since i was afraid to return to Italy.

The Amsterdam squad wont be able to find me in Far away Stockholm.

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