9: The Italian Connection

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The Italian-Swedish Connection.
After my little speech to Alice, she cleaned her eyes and relaxed once more. A look at the items she had in her little corner of the market, i was able to easily determine that the entire wares was not more than €2000. She was trading on less than that and waiting for a day when a miracle would occur in her life. The miracle could happen in the form of a husband or perhaps government amnesty since almost everyone in Europe already heard that the Dutch government started giving temporal permits to the people who took asylum in the country in the 90s.
Apart from those highly unrealistic hopes, Alice depended on a few cooking pots, cheap used microwave, frying pans, spoons and metal plates; atleast until the police showed up someday.

“You are going to take me to the areas where our young girls stand in the night here in Stockholm to sell their bodies. I will give you money to make up for the time you will spend with me but i want you to be visiting them with me. They will be interested in your stories. The only thing you will remove from your experience is the girl who died in Italy. Olokun or any deity didn’t kill her, something else did. Don’t ever try to do anything suspicious because I don’t like surprises. Do you understand me?” i said.
She said she understood but asked that i tell her who i was and where i came from and why i wanted the girls out of the streets.
“I am Azubuike Solomon from Enugu Nigeria. I have been living in Europe since 2002. I have lived in Germany, Holland and France but i have also visited many other countries including Italy. Where in Italy did you say you worked?” I asked.
She said it was in Napoli and when i asked if she knew Maria, her eyes quickly focused on me. She Described Maria herself and said they were brought to Europe by the same Madam but that Maria was there before she came.
Alice asked how i met Maria and i told her that it started in Nigeria but that i eventually traveled to Napoli to meet with her.
“I liked Maria, she was matured but we fell apart when i discovered that she has joined the Madams that brought our teenage girls from Africa for Europe for prostitution. I met two girls in her house and succeeded in convincing one of them to run. Her name was Ngozi and she lives in the United States of America now. She has started school there and will soon become a very important person” i said. I didn’t want to reveal the location of Ngozi since i didn’t know the relationship between Alice and Maria.
“You can call Maria now and ask if she knew me. Tell her that we met in a night club and got talking, then i mentioned her name” I said to Alice.

“Maria told me sometime ago that she was going to change her number. She told me that she had some problems with the Police in Sanremo over one of her girls. She also claimed that the Police sent the girl to asylum camp after she denied bringing her to work in the European streets. I don’t know if she has changed the number since i haven’t talked to her for more than a month” She said to me.
“Then try the number now and see if it is still available” i said.
Alice called Maria and unfortunately the number wasn’t in use anymore.
“I know how to get her number if i want. I can call our Madam and get it from her” She said.
“That is good but first of all, pack your goods and send them home; another idea just came to me” i said and smiled.
She asked why i was smiling but i told her that she will find out soon enough.

I helped Alice packed her goods into cartons. She called the driver that usually picked her and the goods up every evening. We waited until the driver showed up, then we took the goods to the small truck and drove home to the one room Alice rented from a Ghanaian woman. After packing the goods inside the house, i waited for Alice to take her bath and freshen up. When she came out of bathroom, i watched as she applied a mixture of different coloured powders for several minutes before she declared herself ready; then we went outside and picked a cab to my new apartment.

Alice Etim was a 26 year old lady from Uyo in Akwa Ibom state of South South Nigeria. She claimed to have traveled to Europe when she was just 19. She had met her Madam in Lagos where she had visited the joint where she worked as a restaurant attendant. They had got talking and the woman had convinced her that she could get bigger salaries doing the same work in Italy. She had consulted her mother in Uyo who after praying for her, encouraged her to follow the woman to Italy. A week after meeting Madam Tessy, as she called her, they had traveled together to Edo state where she was told to swear an oath that she won’t run away with money. She had done that hoping that Madam Tessy meant the money from whatever restaurant she was going to be employed to work in Italy. A month after their meeting, she had been presented with a look-alike international passport which she used in traveling to Italy with Madam Tessy. It was days after their arrival in Italy that she found out what she had come to do in the country. But before then, it was already too late because her passport had been taken from her. She was forced to take asylum in Napoli where she worked for a year before a girl died mysteriously. The Police had started disturbing the street sex workers and as a result, Madam Tessy had sent her to Sweden where she worked for years before paying over €50,000 she didn’t know how she accumulated or owed.

Alice shed tears as she narrated her ordeal to me. We had taken the taxi to my new apartment where she sat with me on the bed and told me her stories.
When she finished, i told her that her tears can only be useful if she succeeded in bringing some girls out of the streets. She had agreed to help out however she could.

After her story, we went out and bought some drinks and foodstuffs. As it stood then, i had just gotten a girlfriend or wife in Sweden. Whichever one it was, we needed some food in the house and someone else was going to be cooking them; Not Ozoigbondu and not you.

“If you want victory in your life you must learn to be alone with your own thoughts and cause them to be correct thoughts!”

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    Is it possible some of these girls feigned innocence to travel abroad, hoping they will be free somehow, someday?

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    If only we can reason like Zubby Naija will be a better place. Although I don’t angry with some of his views. Fire on nothing do u.

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      You don’t have to agree with my views. They are just mine. You must make your decisions based on what you have seen or heard in life. Chose some and leave some from what you were told; no matter who told you. That includes me, your friends, your girlfriend and your pastor.

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    Operation rescue our african queens is about to begin. 😎

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    f you want victory in your life you must learn to
    be alone with your own thoughts and cause them
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    Gud story full of suspense, ANODA XPTA pls

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