9: Evil Authorities of Earth.

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But she returned.
Nina was brought back into the facility after four whole days.
She looked pale but it was better than not seeing her at all.
Two days after they took her, it dawned on me that nobody from our respective families knew where we were at that particular time.
Aunty Pamela might have know that we were arrested; Aunty Philo could have heard the news from her contacts in Libya and spread the news downwards towards Nigeria but i doubted it.
They knew our families would be on their necks if they released such news.

Everything i was thinking about kept chocking me. I felt there was no hope of making it out of the place.

The first day i met Jasmine, i had decided to end my life again. I had previously given it a try but was rescued by a preaching i heard back while living in Ekpoma. The second attempt didn’t happen.
I had reflected on the things Jasmine said about her own conditions and decided that i would never think about taking my own life again, i was scared.
I had decided to face life with all my strength, no matter what it threw at me.

After the third day without seeing Nina, i had requested for a permission and went to the administrative block.

“Excuse me Sir, I want to know where my friend is” I had said to the bearded man sitting behind a large desk.
The first person i asked had said she knew nothing about my friend and had offered to take me to the man with hairs all over his jaw.

“She is fine. She comes back here in the morning” He had mumbled without opening his mouth.

Back in the playing field, i had walked up to Jasmine who happened to be the only friend i had in there. As they threw the ball around aimlessly, i stood and watched from ten meters away.
She had asked me to join them but i refused. Despite having been told Nina would return the next day, i was still worried.

I prayed through the night for God to have Mercy on Nina. It was no longer about my safety but for Nina. I couldn’t seem to have any idea of what might be happening to her wherever she was.

There was no Bible in the room and i doubted if there was any in the entire facility.
As a matter of fact, the number of Bibles in the entire country may be few.
Libya was a full blown Islamic Nation.

From the little experience i gathered outside during my first week in the country, The holy Bible was for the infidels.
It was my first brush with religious indoctrination. It was then that i actually understood that we were just doing and believing the things we were told and so was the Muslims. As at then, i also believed they were other foreign religions out there.
It was just a pity we were Killing ourselves over what we were told was good or bad for us.
But still i saw the need to pray and wish that Nina is safe.
At the end of my prayers, i couldn’t help but reiterated that God knows why we found ourselves there.

Nina was brought back in a private Toyota car. She looked bleached and troubled. She tried to confuse me with the smile on her face but I was quick to ask if everything was ok.
She claimed everything was alright but i noticed she was a little more slow in responses and generally dull in everything.

“Nina what did they do to you?” I had asked with tears in my eyes.

She said they only injected her with some drugs and gave her some foods to eat but nothing more.

For the following two days, i watched Nina got thinner and thinner. She became different from the beautiful girl who had been on the road with me for the past few weeks.

I started noticing Nina was dying when she started to decline going to the dining hall to eat and going to the field to play or atleast watch others played.

As a prisoner who was locked up inside one small prison cell, i had expected Nina to be happy to be let out but each time the temporal freedom bell rang, Nina would remain culled up on the bed and never moved.
Naturally, i would ask her to get up so we could go outside but she never did.

Two days after she started behaving strangely, i approached a prison official and told her that my friend was dying.
She followed me to the block C where we were locked up and after checking the body temperature of Nina, she told me not to worry.

On one of those afternoons that Nina refused to go out to the fields, i had walked up to Jasmine and told her what was going on.
What she told me shocked me to the bone Marrows.

Jasmine said that the Libyan government had recently passed a referendum to send back the prisoners whom they felt should not be in their country in the first place.
The ministry of finance as expected, were to provide funds for the deportation and temporal well being of the Prisoners but since the Countries’ wealth was being managed by the elites, it was difficult for the money to get out to immigrants whom they believed were not contributing anything to the society.
As a result of that pathetic situation, the prison authorities in collaboration with the immigration authorities had started injecting some unknown substances into prisoners.

“Many Eritrea and Sudanese people were killed through this method in Al Kufra. The Sudanese President said he was going to take Ghadaffi to the World court in The Netherlands but that never happened. Many people believed that it was the plan of the two Islamic presidents to annihilate the people of Eritrea and South Sudan” Jasmine had said to me.

I didn’t pay attention when she started but when she mentioned that some unknown substances were injected into some people in Kufra, it all began to make sense.

All they needed was an excuse to take the prisoner away. One of the easy excuses was for a prisoner to fall sick. Then they will come and take you away after signing some papers.

According to Jasmine, some never returned to the prisons but since Nina returned, I prayed and hoped that nothing was done to her but all my prayers were in vain because exactly eleven days after Nina was brought back, She died while lying beside me on the bed.

They killed her.

” In this world full of pain and sorrow, maybe once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who will make you feel wonderful. Hang on to that someone no matter what!”

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    • Zuby

      And I remember Zubby praising this same Gaddafi.

      People do different things for different reasons. I never said Gaddafi is without sins

  1. phapi

    This syndrome has been going on over the decades.

    It was started in the east europe in the 18 century after the conquest of Napoleon war of 1845,so am not surprise libya practice same.

    Even the almighty US and italy practice same.

    Maria story pulling tears out of my eyeballs

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