9: Blackmail: The Lazy Black Men Of Europe

“Jacob, the man i told you about, is coming to my apartment in an hour, he intends to sleep over her” I said to Tino the Policeman.

Tino said he would be going to work in a different area that night but promised to come as early as 5am.

After listening to Melissa, i had told her that i would use the police man rather than the thugs. The police were never going to harm him physically.
The thugs were never a trusted bunch because they had no single method of dealing with their victims; they could kill someone without blinking an eye.

We didn’t cook that night, we just ate biscuit and washed it down with cold milk.

At 11 minutes past 11pm, Jacob knocked on my door.
He was with his mean friend who had said only one thing since we met.

“I didn’t tell you to come with your friend” I had said without thinking.

“Why not Maria, are you planning to do something to me?” He fired.

Idiot. You think you are smart.

“No, Jake. Just that i plan to sleep with you for the whole night and talk this whole thing over” I said.

“Well Kenny can sleep on the Sofa” He said.

I watched as they sat down and started talking to each other.

“Or maybe he can sleep with my friend but he must give her money in the morning” I said with a smile.

They both looked up at me and i saw smiles on their faces.

“Let me go and talk to her first” I said as i walked towards Melissa’s room.

Inside the room, i sat on the edge of the bed and discussed the proposal with Melissa.

“Listen Melissa, his friend will sleep with you. If he doesn’t pay you, i will give you 50 Euros from my money. I just want you to play the game very well. By the grace of God, they won’t be disturbing us again for a very long time” I said in a low voice.

Melissa agreed to sleep with the Kenny guy. She was bound to agree anyway, she was a prostitute like me and she knew that she would make some money from the deal.
I was pretty sure that she could have even agreed to take 20 Euros for the deal but i needed to put the price high so that she won’t sell out.

It was increasingly becoming difficult yo trust people.
I had trusted Jacob but look at what he was doing to me; blackmailing me into marrying him.

“Jake, we didn’t cook anything this night” I said as i returned to the sitting room.

He said they ate outside.

“So, where do you stay here in Castel Volturno?” I had asked carelessly.

It turned out to be a wrong question because he started accusing me of trying to know where he lived so that i could send some people to deal with him.

It took me so may minutes trying to convince him that i meant good.
The bastard eventually calmed down but not without threatening to hurt me if i attempted such question again.

It seemed the problem i had gotten myself into was bigger than i thought. I had managed to get myself out of slavery by stealing money that belonged to a man i loved so much.
I was beginning to enjoy freedom until the devil showed up out of nowhere.

In just two days, Jacob had turned Me into a jittery young woman who couldnt stay for a straight five minutes without remembering that her life was in danger.

I was being careless with words and for that reason, Jacob had capitalized on them to remind me that i had returned into slavery, this time, his slave.

I had heard in Italy about what lazy black men did in the past.
They never worked or did drugs like others, they just waited and monitored girls whose freedom were very close.
The moment a girl was freed by her Madam, they would swoop all over her just to be at the receiving end of money and free food.

It was a pathetic situation all over Italy because some of those girls who got their freedom ended up getting pregnant a month after living with the lazy men.
What else did they know how to do except to fvck day and night.
They were easily identified by their looks because you can never see any dirt on their clothes. They took care of their hair as if they were going for a hair contest. They polished their shoes regularly and wore the most expensive designer clothes all in an effort to paint themselves as what they were not.

Looking at Mr. Jacob, it was clear that he had joined this group. It was a pity and a shame because Igbo men like him were struggling out there to make money and send home while his ambition was to impregnate me.

The more i looked at him was the more i got angry but i restrained myself from selling out.
If my plan worked, it would be over for him in a few hours. Atleast i would make Mr. Tino lock him up for a very long time.

I wasn’t scared of living with him or even getting pregnant for him, i was more scared of him telling Ano that i was in Castel Volturno.
I knew that he must have told some people about me and whatever two people knew about was no longer a secret. His friend already knew about the whole thing and must have even told more people.
Whether i liked it or not, the news was out there and since many people still didn’t believe that Max paid for me, they would easily believe any variable news. Therefore i had no option than to crush Jacob before he did the same to me.

“Go and take your bath, i am going to the room” I had said to Jacob.

Since Melissa had come out to the sitting room earlier, she had seductively led Kenny to her room and that was the last i saw them that night.

Inside my room, Jacob sat on the edge of the bed and talked.
He tried to remind me that he loved me and that it was for that reason that he wanted me by all means.

I didn’t say a word, i just listened until he was done talking, then he climbed under the blanket and started making love to me right away without condom.
It was obvious that he was bent on getting me pregnant but i didn’t worry myself, i had pills that would flush his bastard sperm out of my system in a second.

I needed him to enjoy his last sex with me because whether the Police man showed up or not, i was going to punish that bastard for attempting to send me back into slavery.

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