35: Demise of the Arabs

February 2006 was already on the rader. The cold was at its peak in North Eastern Germany where Berlin and Brandenburg were located. People hardly go outside unless there was something very important to attend to. I stayed inside most of the days as well. Johnson had brought my playstation 2 game console for me. I would stay on the bed and play whenever I wasn’t on a thinking mode.
Reports from Brandenburg was that the drug supply had decreased. One gram of weeds were being sold at €10 euro instead of the normal €8.

On a cold early morning of early February, I received a call from Bolaji. Johnson was also on the line at the same time. I decided to talk to Bolaji first.

”Shaky Shaky why you dey wake me this early morning” I had said. We called Bolaji ”Shaky Shaky” due to his fear and panic when he newly joined the drug business.

”It is Jimmy” he said. He was very excited on the phone.
I asked him what happened with Jimmy.
”He had been beaten by some unknown Germans” he said.

Bolaji went on to tell me how they had beaten jimmy to a pulp and even broke his arm.
”He is on bandages and plasters” he had said.
According to Bolaji, some young Germans had rounded Jimmy across the bridge on the other side of the Canal the previous night. They had asked him to hand over his drugs to them which he refused to do. They had beaten him blue and black and took the drugs by force. He wasn’t able to get up until an old man who was passing on the road called the Police.
The Police had come with the ambulance and he had been rushed to the hospital. He had returned the following morning.

When I called Johnson, he had a different version of the story. According to him, Jimmy had gone to the bush across the bridge in the night to hide his drugs, some German boys had seen him and demanded for the drugs. He had refused and had pulled a gun on them. Unfortunately for him, the Germans had guns as well. They had overpowered him and gave him the beating of his life. He had called the Police and was unable to identify the boys. He said that Jimmy has been walking around telling people that it was a setup from the Africans. Johnson asked if I had a hand in it, I denied. I didn’t want to scare my African brothers as well.
There was other versions of the story but the truth had come from Marko, the principal actor of the beating. They had waited for Jimmy around the HEIM for days but each time, he had managed to slip past their net until that very night.
One of them had called him to bring weeds across the bridge. He had gone there all alone that night ad they had sorounded him. They had beaten him and told him to leave town or they would kill him. Marko also said that Jimmy had promised to stop dealing. They had told him that they wanted to take control of the business in their city. It was their city and not some desert in Morocco or Arabian sands.

The following days, Jimmy had remained inside the HEIM. No one had seen him outside.
Among the remaining three Arabs, two of them lived outside the HEIM but in the same Brandenburg city.
Marko had promised to trace where they lived and hit them too.
I warned him to lay low until the wave of Jimmy’s beating passed away. Those German kids always acted on impulse. I guessed it was because they were in their village, town and city. The worst Police could do to them was just to lock them up for a few hours and release them. Unlike we the Africans, Going to Police cells wasn’t a big deal for them. They even committed petty offences intentionally just to go to cells sometimes.

Three days passed without any Arab seen with drugs around the HEIM. Fear had gotten into them. I called Jimmy on that third day and told him what I heard. He said he would find out the people who did that to him. I laughed loud on the phone and told him to get ready for the next stage. He was shocked to find out that I was involved.
As usual, he threatened to go to the Police and tell them about me.
” Jimmy, I don’t live in Germany anymore, I am a visitor and I changed my name” I had told him.
I also made him understand that he would never find me but that I would make sure that they left Brandenburg.
One by one, I called the remaining Arab dealers in Brandenburg. I would first of all introduce myself on the phone, then the desert rats would start ranting until they get tired. I would then tell them to either stop going close to sell drugs in the HEIM or wait for their own attacks.
I called three of them and told them the same things.
The German Police were very good at detecting where phone calls originated from, therefore I had boarded a train and drove over 100km east of Berlin to Frankfurt Oder just to make the calls. After the calls I had boarded another train to Berlin and left the phone inside a waste basket on the Magdeburg bound train west of Berlin. I had wiped the Nokia 3310 clean with my handkerchief.

Bolaji was getting too excited. Jimmy had suspected his involvement in what happened to him but he had no evidence. The children of Brandenburg had started throwing stones on top the roofs of the HEIM to register their dissatisfaction on the low supply of weeds. After what happened to jimmy, every dealer in the HEIM was still scared to venture outside. Despite working with Bolaji, I never revealed all my plans to him. He was a loud mouthed coward who would squeal at any slight torture or threat.

Johnson was the only dealer who was courageous enough to show his face in the street but he maintained his selected few people who bought from him.

I called Marko to come to Berlin again. It was time to take over the Bratown properly.

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