89: Sorry For My Heart

We waited for another hour before the next call from the search team up in Genova. They said Zuby just arrived at the hotel with the same taxi driver that brought Ngozi there.
Something was wrong, only if the Search team knew it.
A taxi driver brought Ngozi to the hotel and more than an hour later, the same taxi driver brought Zuby.
It wasn’t difficult to figure out that they worked together; that wasn’t just a coincidence.

I was worried and Aunty Philo knew it. For solidarity purpose, she refused to go to the restaurant that evening. She knew i was suffering and wanted to be with me.
Constantly, she assured me that the fugitives would be captured as if she was going to do that by herself.
Zuby was a guy who had the mind to set up his own girlfriend in Lagos. What else could stop him from doing the same to someone he didn’t know.
Aunty Philo didn’t know this man, she just sat there and made some noises about what she would do and how She would do them.
I was sure that the moment Italian Police come looking for me, she would disappear. Italy was not the kind of country where i could be easily bailed out if anything happened to me.

The next call we received from the team in Genova was that they were waiting for Zuby and Ngozi across the road to the hotel where they lodged.
When Aunty Philo asked them to stay out of sight, they claimed they already did. The only thing that worried me was their claim that Zuby didn’t know they were there.
There was nothing we could do from Castel Volturno except to wait.

When they called again, they said that they were quarreling with a taxi driver who blocked their car from pursuing Zuby and Ngozi. It seemed the fugitives had escaped and the search team were unable to go after them.
Aunty philo was shouting at them, she told them that even she who was in Castel Volturno could easily find out that Zuby was part of the Taxi that blocked them.
She cut the call out of anger and fumed like smoke all over the place.

Since Aunty Philo was managing the situation by herself, i kept quiet and allowed her to continue. It was almost funny listening to her throughout the evening. She was beginning to know that Zuby was too clever for his boys up there in Genova. I also admired Zuby for his tactics if not that he was running with money and my girl.

Some minutes after their last call, Madam Philo called the search team again. They said they have managed to join the highway heading to France and that they believed that was the route Zuby and his girlfriend took.
We lost hope the moment they told us that the fugitives joined the highway. It was going to be almost impossible to catch them and as soon as they crossed the border to France, our operation would be over. It was almost a shame that they escaped from the clutches of the search team in several occasions. I had planned how to slap Zuby on his face as soon as they captured him but it seemed that pleasure was never to come to me.
We sat and waited for the next news from Genova.
It didn’t take forever to come. The latest development was that they found Zuby alone at a train station in San Remo.

“What do you mean you found him alone, where is the girl?” Aunty Philo shouted at them.

I didn’t hear what they answered her from the other side of the phone but whatever it was didn’t make Aunty Philo happy in anyway.

“Keep going after him, he will lead you to the girl” She said before hanging up the phone and turned to me, “They said they found him at a train station in the border town between France and Italy. The girl is not with him. She may have crossed the border to France. They are still after him.”

I didn’t know how to respond to what she said. If what we heard from the North was anything to go by, it meant that Ngozi might have crossed over to France and if that was the case, i have then lost half of the war.

Yet we waited for the next call from the North.
The break came when they called later and said they have Zuby. We all smiled and shook hands as if everything was done.
They said Zuby was hiding on top of a tree.

What was he doing hanging on top of a tree. The whole idea of him on top of a tree made me pity him, he was a man i loved so much. It was true that he betrayed me but i still have some soft feelings for him.

We waited until they called again and said Zuby wanted to speak with me on the phone.

“Hello Sweetheart, our wedding is still going to happen?” He said confidently from Genova.

I thought they said they were holding the man captive, how could he be sounding so confident and funny on the phone?

“You and who? Your own has finished in this Europe. You think here is Nigeria, i will show you that we own this country” I shouted.

“I want our wedding to be hosted in Rome, i want to invite Berlusconi and Totti to the wedding, i love those men. I will meet you again soon if your thugs don’t kill me here because they just caught me in the bush by this time of the night.” He said.

I didn’t know how it happened but i started to cry. Madam Philo was disappointed, she was asking why i was crying but i couldn’t say any word.

Zuby just said they were holding him inside a bush by that time of the night. All i wanted was my money and my girl; i never wanted them to hurt him. But inside the sitting room where we sat in Castel Volturno, i had no control over what was going to happen in San Remo. Madam Philo was running the case and she had already ordered them to kill Zuby. I also knew that Zuby could attempt to escape and if that happened, he could be shot by one of the thugs.
They were going to kill or hurt him.
To make matters worse, Madam Philo refused to call them back when i requested. She asked me what i wanted to tell them.

“Just not to hurt him” I managed to say when i stopped crying.

“Let them do their job” She answered me.

Zuby’s fate now depended entirely on him. All i had to do was to wish him well and wait for the next phone call. It was time to wait again.

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