89: Always a step ahead

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She was crying on the phone when she called. She had had to wait until her best friend came out to the Marcadet area before she was able get her phone number. According to her, she had only used the new phone number for just three days and as a result, she didn’t know the number offhand. Two different registered phone numbers had called earlier but i didn’t take them. One was one Madam J while the other was Aunty M. Since she had saved Franca’s phone number with Aunty F, i figured that those other two phone numbers were from one Madam or the other. Her own Madam was probably one of them. Since Kate didn’t know where i was, the only thing she could have done was to return to where she lived and to her Madam. I didn’t want to put her in trouble since there were chances that we may never meet again. I also wanted to make it look like she lost her phone because that was the only lie she could have told whoever cared to know, except Aunty F who already knew everything. “If you stop crying, i can tell you where i am” I said. It took her some more seconds to calm down. “Do you know the Hotel Opposite Carefour?” i asked. She said she knew it. “Where are you now and who is with you?” I asked. Kate said she was with her friend called Juliet whom she was using her phone to talk with me. I had seen the name ‘Juliet’ on the phone screen when she called. I had decided to take the call because Juliet was her colleague in their place of work. An SMS from Juliet had confirmed the fact to me earlier because when i went through the entire text messages in the phone, Juliet’s Text had read ‘I don’t think i can come to work today, i am tired’. That was how i knew that the said Juliet, whoever she was, was her workmate and possibly a good friend. I had also seen ‘Tina Girl’ on the phonebook and i had every believe that it was the same Tina from Last night. However, i didn’t call her because she could be an obstacle since she decided it wasn’t worth it following us to Amsterdam. The hotel opposite Carefour shopping mall was closer to where i was than where the girls worked in Marcadet. I told Tina to come there because i knew i would be there before she came. I needed to be on ground to monitor every movement she would make and if people would come with her. At that stage, i had decided that every necessary security protocol must be observed. I left the bar restaurant where i was and crossed the road, then i walked all the way to the front of the Shopping mall. The electric bulbs in front of the mall couldn’t let me hide, therefore i walked a little further down the road and stood there. As usual, i was ready to run. I saw her alight from the public Bus with the same small bag and set of clothes she had been wearing since when we met in the morning. She was alone. I crossed the road and walked up to the front of the hotel. She started crying again as soon as she saw me. I hugged and held her as if we had known each other for ages.

“Why did you leave me there in the station and disappeared?” She asked through tears. “I will explain to you later. Lets leave this place immediately” I said. “Its Okay, i didn’t tell anybody where i was going” she said. “Lets leave here now or i will leave alone without you” I said while watching the road. A light yellow cab had stopped down the road and two people, a man and a woman had alighted from it. They had paid the driver and immediately walked into the darkness. The taxi driver, drove up to us and stopped; it was me who waved it down. “Enter the car” I almost shouted at Kate. The front of the hotel was not a very busy area. Someone could shoot another there and disappear before the cops would arrive. It was one of the kind of places i had did everything i could to avoid in Europe. As soon as i closed the car door, I told the driver to move. “Where are you going?” the driver asked. The two shadows that disappeared into the darkness had emerged at the back of the car and were less than ten meters away. The electric light standing along the road had revealed their faces; it was Aunty Franca and Ernest again. “Gare Du Nord” I said. That was the first place that came to my mind. I needed to give the driver a name of a popular place to avoid asking me the second time. The right hand of Aunty Franca was already on the back door handle when the cab driver matched the throttle of the automatic Benz. The car surged forward with enough power to push down a tank full of water. “Wait, that is my Aunty” Kate shouted. “Go go driver. Don’t stop” I shouted. “Brother what is going on? That is my aunty there. What is she doing there? Lets stop for her” Kate continued. I calmly told the driver to keep going and fortunately for us, the driver took my own words. Kate was looking behind the car and so was I until our car disappeared. Before Aunty Franca and Ernest were able to get another taxi, we came to the major Intersection that has four roads. “Follow right” I said. “My friend, Gare is the straight way, not right” The driver said. “I know, Just do what i say please. You can turn right and stop us” I countered. The cab driver reluctantly turned right and headed towards Place the Clichy. We got to the Large Cinema house and stopped. I looked at the price meter and saw 8:40. That was 8Euro 40 cents. I quickly gave him 10 euro note and held Kate’s hand. “Lets go” I said to her. “I am not going anywhere if you don’t tell me where we are going and why you didn’t want us to carry my Aunty” She said. “I will explain everything in a few minutes but lets be safe first” I said. “Safe from who?” “We are not safe where we are standing now and those people could have seen us turned right towards here. If you ask me one more question now, i will abandon you here again” I said and tried to drag her forward so that we can move; Kate refused to move. “You can leave me here if you don’t explain everything to me first” She said. ‘Little Bitch’

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  1. little bitch that can’t reason between security and decision of Freedom first….

    tomorow they wil start to cry how had I know I act

  2. the thought of u bein a ritualist is still in her mind, and she didnt no anytn abt u and aunty F, she knew aunty F as a kind woman so u nt pickn her up when she said so mk her think twice. She supposed to do what she is doing.

  3. But she wanted to be free from her prostitution work, so why trying to pick ur aunty whom u wanted to be free from?
    Umuaka sef!

  4. Silly girl.
    Better listen to the boss.

  5. How did the aunty follow her down there. I suspect that she is a trap.

  6. Will there still be another update today since this one came in like it is Saturday?

  7. she dey craze abeg leave dis gurl jaare

  8. horlabiyi

    Lol. Little bitch indeed

  9. money talks a.k.a obumsway

    they have been paid to trust their madams like ntin else ….!!!

  10. little bitch

  11. Trap alert! It’s always rewarding to be security conscious.

  12. solomon sly

    Zuby she,s not the type u could help. Leave her and move on with ur life.

  13. She is annoying sef…

  14. This one self …

  15. I just dey read dey go. I must say this beats all the books I have read both in terms of lessons learned and action plus suspense.

    Weldon boss

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